Preferred Methods of Improving Your Gear, Sub-70

Since all of my toons are still sub-70s, none of them are eligible for the best crafted items or the heroic/end-game instance loot yet. That still leaves me with several options for getting better gear than the standard quest rewards. Let’s begin, shall we? Then we’ll discuss what is best.

  • Outlands provides a cornucopia of group quests at the end of long questlines that often reward you with blue, even some socketed, gear that is far superior to the regular AH greens.
  • PvP is an option all the way through the levels, with varying degrees of reward value. You could arguably save up all of your BG marks for level 70 and get some working man’s epics right out of the gate.
  • Rep rewards offer blues for Honored/Revered status throughout Outlands. The Hellfire Peninsula rewards for Honored will hold you over for several levels, so check out what the later rewards will get you and whether they are worth it to you, since those 5-mans only take 2 hours with a PuG or 30-60 minutes with well-geared guildies.
  • Lastly, who can resist socketed blue gear from the 5-man instances that you will need to master in order to do them in Heroic mode anyway? There is some dang fine gear in there that puts the old Tier 0.5 junk to shame.

Personally, I’ve been indulging myself in as many quests as possible and running them all the way to the final Elite group quests. When I have a bucketfull of them, I look for someone in the area or hop on the guild chat or LFG channel to knock a few out for massive XP and shiny rewards. Some faction quests take you to instances for super rewards, starting in Ramparts onward.

On the nights that I have the time and patience, I run the instances for Rep, XP, and loot… all in one. You should be able to get 15-20g, another 20-40g in greens and vendor trashing, and a considerable amount of rep if you haven’t done all of the quests in the zone yet.

My personal favorite when I wasn’t leveling as fast was to play the AH a tad harder than normal and just buy my way into blue and purple gear. I’m making about 150g per day by questing, vendor trashing, herbing, and selling greens on the AH. I haven’t even been playing the AH because I hate Auctioneer Advanced for that, so I’m going back to the regular version to play for my flying mount coming up in 26 bars.

OMG! 132% until 70! /shudder


  1. Milkshakes says

    Nice read. 🙂

    Go go grind to 70!!

    I’m still 62 and need to get my epic mount, money just doesn’t seem to want to come in, nothing on the AH is selling, not even my small prismatic shards. >< Gah!

  2. says

    Do you sell all of your grays? That easily adds up to 15-40g per 2 hour session. I end up trashing half of my greens to avoid the AH deposit expense for things that don’t sell. I’d just as soon have a little less guaranteed money.

    Sell your cloth and gathering mats if you’re a gatherer and you’re rolling in dough.

    I hit 350g again this morning, trained, and bought some more armor for 100g and don’t even care. I’ll have about 700g when I ding 70 anyway.

  3. Milkshakes says

    That inlays my problem, for some reason, I leveled insanely faster than my mining skill since they gimped mining skill ups. 🙁

    I’m trashing pretty much everything, the problem is I don’t find many BoE blues for world drops, I’ve only found one, ever.

    Poison costs and repair bills add up, it seems Blizzard made the Outlands just to hate on Rogues(or me,) sometimes. >_<

  4. Milkshakes says

    Oh, and cloth goes directly to bandages to help grinding quests, and doing instances.

    Most of the greys I get only add up to like, 5g, maybe. It’s the greens that I get from instance runs(I seem to have good luck on greed rolls,) that sell for 2g each.

    And damn you, Blizzard, only allowing me to purchase 60 day cards!! >_<
    Time to goto Walmart. :p

  5. says

    Alright, then I have a suggestion that you can take or leave. I found it to work for me.

    When I was around level 60 something, I dropped my professions on Deadr and picked up Enchanting. I leveled it in a matter of a few hours using greens on the AH.

    With the right tools (read Auctioneer with Enchantrix) you can buy all of the right items to disenchant your mats or take some runs though the lower dungeons ala solo mode. There are good free enchanting guides all around for finding out how much of each dust/shard you need and where the trainers are and what to enchant to reach optimal efficiency.

    From that point on, you can DE all the greens that drop in Outlands (usually 2-5 per hour while grinding and questing for normal leveling. When you’re not playing much, you can scour the AH for items that are for sale below the DE’d value of the mats they make. You can easily make 50g per night in just a few minutes with level 60+ items.

    You will pay out through the nose for the last 2 enchanting rods, but that’s the price of making money.

  6. Milkshakes says

    Haha, I think I might have a way around the cost.

    I have a 35 Belf Pally that already has 300 enchanting… 🙂

    Think I should just use that, or can 300 enchanting not DE 60-something items? I haven’t played her in a while. 🙁

    Time to go back to classes, blah!

    Thanks for the help. 🙂

    Love your blog, keep it blogging, keeps me entertained in school.

  7. says

    You’ll notice that things have a minimum Enchanting skill to DE before you buy it. I think you can do most level 60-62 items with 275-400. I’m not sure if that information comes from the Blizz UI or Enchantrix, though.

    Thanks for reading so faithfully. I’m going to do some more at lunch about what I did this weekend. Hopefully I get the post finished.

  8. Milkshakes says

    Aha, cool. 🙂

    I can post what I did this weekend too.

    Although it has nothing to do with WoW.. Except friday, if that’s considered a weekend. >_>

    Go go Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 4 until I get my new WoW card. ><

  9. Growl says

    Skychaser (meh shammy) hit 70 back in late December and I have to say – money has never been a problem. Doing no crafting at all, and simply selling cloth, vendor trash, and motes I was able to purchase the following:

    Epic Mount Training and Mount for Growl – my 62 Druid

    Regular Flying Mount Training and ugly Flying Mount for Skychaser

    After this massive outlay of cash I still had around 140-150G left.

    I ran instances exclusively for blue gear and used the same Warlord’s Bludgeons from level 60 to level 70 – which helped. I was never tempted to wander off and blow my funds on a slight weapons upgrade. Armor for enhancement shammies is fairly easy to come by via questing and instances (though hunters cry a lot when we take it from them…)

    At 70 – just wandering out and killing a couple quests and doing the battlegrounds daily quest will net you 30-50G. Money will cease to be an issue as you continue to grind. Every server has its cash-cows and for me – they were cloth and motes. Every crafter needs motes of some sort for enchants or rare (and not so rare recipes) so they always tended to sell well during the weekends.

    Beyond that – just selling the quest rewards you don’t need (or DEing them and selling the dust) is an easy way to mount training as well.

  10. Archsooner says

    Wanted to post this and this looked like the closest topic header. Was in Mara on Saturday night for the 5th time trying to get the shield from the goblin tinkerer guy (he likes to drop the damn gun when I’m in the group). The shield finally drops and everyone passes and says gratz b/c they know it’s the only reason I came. I select need, we disband the group and I hearth. I open up my bags and my shield isn’t there. I go through the log and it never says who recieves the loot, just that the other 4 people passed and that I needed. WTH!!!! I open up a help ticket and start turning in random quest and doing some grinding and mat farming waiting for the GM. 4 1/2 hours later with me starting to get a bit impatient ( I was trying to watch the football game and running back and forth from the living room to the office) the GM texts me. I explain what happened and he gives me the whole little “being a gamer myself i understand” spiel and then goes on to tell me that he will refer it to a “specialist”. Double WTH!!!! I ask him how long this could take and he says it could be up to a couple of days. I’m livid at this point but say screw it and jump into LFG and find another Mara group and get lucky and the shield drops again which I get.

    Since this was just an item from Mara and I’ll be upgrading in a week or two (I’m lvl 52 now after my long holiday weekend with two bars till 53) its not a huge issue. But then I start thinking what if this was an epic drop or something from an end game raid that you don’t see often. As of last night (tuesday) my ticket was still open with an escalated status. I don’t have any problem with blizz, but if I had to actually wait that long to recieve my gear I’d be pissed. I really needed it since the guild just started doing BRD and I’m a low lvl tank for that instance but if this happened with a different item later in the game it could mean the difference b/w successfully tanking mara if you know what i’m saying.

    But anyway, maybe the shield will be waiting on me when I get home tonight so I can vender it and have my faith restored in blizz. If not no big deal but blizz will go down a space or two on my favorite people list. Oh, and by the way…not sure how much I like the shield now that I got it. The stats are awesome on it but when I’m running and the shield is on my back it’s outer edge is constantly rotating and starting to get me sea sick lol.

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