Gitr *FINALLY* Dings 70!

Gitr dings 70After 30d 18h of /played time on Gitr, he momentously hit the level cap at 1:30am EDT January 13th, 2008. It was a time of great celebration… amongst myself, as the server and guild were pretty much empty at the time. He dinged as he turned in a quest in Shadowmoon Valley. The whole thing was vid-captured, but there seems to be some problem with clipping it to the actual event. Stay tuned for the link soon.

Now, the path for getting keyed for Karazhan has begun. It looks like level 70 will be fun, since he’s already got a blue 1H mace (Apexis Crystal Mace) that does 71.7dps! Well, it cost 120g, but that was cheap for what simple blue armor sells for. That doesn’t really matter, though, because in just 2 short hours of questing away in Nagrand, I racked up 75g and didn’t turn in my last 3 quests for over 13g each. The mace is up to 334 skill level, so I’m almost hoping Gitr can find another one on the AH and dual wield them when he’s not running an instance as a tank.

You know what’s so darn cool about being 70? I don’t give a rip what level something is now. I need rep in Nagrand, so I just went out after the lowest level mobs that gave rep and drops. Such a great feeling.

It’s late, once again, so I’d better get some sleep so I can function at work and school.

Gitr's logon screen


  1. Archsooner says

    Congrats man. Also just wanted to say keep up the great blog. I’m in the military and they are really picky about what websites we can visit (alas, no surfing armory during the day trying to figure out what weapons I want to try and get when I get home) so this gives me my WoW fix during the day.

  2. says

    Oh Gitr me and OPhil as of today can no longer visit your Blog at work it got the redscreen of death as of this morning.

  3. Archsooner says

    My true main is a 70 Human frost mage on lightbringer but I recently moved to a BE Pally on The Forgotten Coast. Check out my comment under the Just got Ganked Blog.

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