70… Now What?

Pandemonius looms in the distanceOver two years in the making, Gitr has finally hit the level cap. He was the first of my toons to hit 60, which immediately led to getting keyed for Molton Core and raiding for a few weeks before the big /gkick of frustration. One year, 2 level 60+ alts, and a level 50 alt later, it’s decision time.

Am I still an alt-aholic?

My first answer is a resounding “YES!” However, if that is the case, why have I not logged into a single alt for a single minute since Sunday? I haven’t played an alt for more than 30 minutes while waiting for Gitr’s hearth cooldown since he transferred to Silvermoon in the middle of December. One month, 10 levels, and 2 thousand gold later, I’m left with a big figgin’ “Now what?”

I want to raid, I really do. I really miss the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie of a group of seasoned veterans who actually know how to play (as opposed to sucky PuGs [keyword: PuGs] who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag). There is something to be said for banding together for a single purpose and getting phat loot along the way.

The problem with raiding is commitment.

No one can say I’m not committed to playing WoW, as I most certainly get my playing time in, much to the disregard of sleep and personal edification. What it does fall far behind is eating dinner and spending quality time with my wife and getting my school work done since college is so dang expensive. Those two priorities pretty much rule out positive commitments to raid on a specific raid night. Things happen that busy, responsible people must pay heed to rather than isolate themselves in front of the computer from 8:00-midnight on a specific night.

What does that leave me to do?

  • Get yer dang flying mount, boy!
  • Get yer dang epic flying mount, boy!
  • Well, I can certainly be on backup for raid night on Fridays if they need a tank or a plate-wearing dps (I guess 20g for my next respec wouldn’t kill me).
  • Rep rewards are looking mighty fine. epics for getting rep seems like a pretty good motivation to me.
  • PvP rewards intrigue me and can be easily enough obtained without any kind of calendar commitment.
  • Become uncrushable. There’s something about that feat that intrigues me.

What would you do?


  1. says

    When i hit 70 i had a hard decision to make…

    Holy or Prot…As at the time retribution was still frowned upon (well it is still like that today…but i digress)

    I thought to myself…do i really wanna be stood at the back again healing some pompus warrior tank for the rest of my days?
    Do i F…..

    So I spec’d Protection and got myself some nice gear from heroics and kara…

    I’ve had normal flight since i dinged 70 almost a year ago now, and over the xmas period i was finally able to go epic!!

    Wow has it already been nearly a year since TBC came out?

  2. says

    It has been a year today. I played Gitr for 2 hours and went back to Deadr because he was 56 or 57 and was not looking forward to 2 levels of WP and EP quests. He hit Hellfire Penninsula and went all the way to 65 or 66 before we started all of the Buttered Monkey hunter/paladin bunny trails.

  3. Archsooner says

    Firelight, so how do you enjoy being a prot pally doing kara and beyond. My original plan was to stay prot till 70, then switching to holy and doing the whole life saving thing. I really like tanking (even though those damn PUG groups I keep getting into sure try to make it hard 🙂 ) but thought my guild (and myself) would benefit more if I started healing. Just wanted to see how you liked it.

  4. says


    Go check my blog!

    I’ve not been prot for 4 months!

    I’m a raiding retribution paladin!! We’ve almost cleared SSC and TK.

    I did off tank in kara but thats about as far as i went. Did heroics as well obviously.

  5. Archsooner says

    Damn government computers…cant even look at a ret pally blog spot. Have to wait till I get home and do it this weekend lol.

  6. Belsturm says

    dude…..lvl 70 warrior? cannot commit to raiding times? do what we all do and just do BG grind (maybe join a pvp guild? so you dont have to pug?) get season 1 gear and a weapon (unless your blacksmithing like my warrior cherek and get thunder etc) and get into an arena team….its great fun and you can always go on a back up raid of kara or whatever…now adays people run Karazhan as a PuG and get atleast to Shade of Aran.

    I myself just started playing WoW again and have decided to retire my mage, PvP and sporadically raid with my warrior, and lvl up my BE Paladin on destromath 🙂

    IF I ever do decide to go back to hardcore raiding and putting 3 nights a week aside to raid it would be with my BE Ret Pally 🙂

  7. says

    It looks like I’m considering re-speccing to Fury/Arms to PvP for welfare epics. I can always off-tank without being Prot and PuG stuff, like you said.

    I’m pretty sure I can hold aggro without being deep in the Prot tree. I may miss Devastate, though. It’s so cheap!

  8. Belsturm says

    ya i hate tanking while being arms/fury…its actually challenging…i had to OT Kara as MS and well lets just say the lack of rage led to a lack of aggro 😉 but at the moment i think i have more fun dpsing on my warrior and pvping….i think the eventual plan is to get welfare epics, get into arena’s of high ranking (not my 1329 5v5 made up of alts in greens LOL) and get season 3….OR just do so to get my 2 Fury weapons and then do spec fury prot to be an official OT in Kara and do heroic’s for badges to get fury gear from the vendor (awesome +hit stuff being sold for badges now adays!)

    in the end it doesnt matter what i really want to do is raid with my pally…but first i must lvl him without burning out 🙂

  9. says

    Personally, I would go with the Rep farming. Being Exalted with all Outlands (and Azeroth) factions is no small task, but it would be quite the feat if you accomplish it.

    Plus, the Hippogryph, the Netherdrake, and the Netherray would accomplish 2 things on that list at once! Although the prerequisite is that you have a normal flying mount first, so…

    I guess my suggestion is actually getting a normal Flying mount! 😛

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