Key Fragment #1: Check

Last night, I was joined by my fellow warrior guildie, Alaron, for a PuG through SL for Gitr’s first key fragment. It was an unusually quiet night for the guild with only 4-5 of us on all evening, so I was thankful to have one comrade.

He was leader and explained the fights I had not experienced yet quite accurately and successfully. We didn’t wipe until our first attempts on each of the last two bosses, but alas, no tanking loot dropped.

I was neglegent in e-mailing myself the screenshots this morning because I simply fell asleep at my desk after I got out of the shower and my wife had to wake me up to go to work. Maybe staying up until 1:30 in SL had something to do with it…

We had a very durable group, which made it much nicer than constantly rezzing the squishies. We had Gitr at MT, Alaron as dps, a ret shammy, a holy pally, and a hunter of unknown spec. My final screenshot showed me taking 38% of the damage, if my memory serves me correctly. I was at 50% until the wipes began. I was dead for nearly the entire last fight when the Sonic Boom and The Bomb were in the same area and I had no idea what to do about that.

What last night did was really instill the confidence to tank for a raid that my recent (and historical for that matter) experiences with PuGs weren’t feeding me. When the group pays attention and has a vested interest in getting to the very end, it’s amazing how much better a run goes. I almost can’t remember the feeling of raiding with 39 others for a common purpose, but I’m halfway to experiencing Kara, which sounds like it’s totally PuGgable on Silvermoon at this point.

I’ve seen several guildies in Kara on non-raid nights, so what are the odds of getting in on a LFG request for Kara as a MT/OT? I’ve been included on the Team 2 Kara raid for Friday nights, so we’ll see if I get to play next Friday.


  1. says

    Oh just looked at your armory page….you’re gonna need to gear yourself up quite a bit looking at that! There are quite a few nice easy quests you can do to get upgrades for a lot of that gear.

    There’s an ace tanking sword that is a reward for killing Durn in Nagrand iirc.

  2. says

    Oh thats a really good point i just realised…

    For the 2nd or 3rd Key fragment you need to go to one of the tempest keep instances….you cant get summoned up there….

  3. says

    What sucks is I’ve killed him twice before 70 to help people in the area. Now I have the quest. Almost all of my quests are group quests or much, much easier with a flying mount.

    I’ll keep playing the AH and slaughtering humanoids for their coinage. I think I just need to be patient. There are still a lot of quests in Netherstorm up by the TK flight point that I can get, and more at Area 52.

  4. says

    I’ve lost count how many times i’ve had to kill that dude over the past year!!

    All of the group quests in SMV, and Netherstorm etc have some really nice rewards so you should try to get them done for some nice blue upgrades!!

    Plus now you’re 70 they reward 25g or so!

  5. Belsturm says

    well here are some benchmarks you should look towards getting before you PuG Kara 🙂

    18% dodge
    18% parry
    10% block
    13k self buffed (with commanding shout) HP
    and 490 Defense

    Those are vital to surviving currently i have most of those if i spec prot with my gear…without those it will be hard…the dodge and parry are not as vital as the HP and Defense though….if you are going to OT think of a 45/16 fury/prot offspec…yet for that to be viable you really need the fury gear…and you probably dont have that…so i would get some tanking gear and go prot and just MT….while there accumulate some fury gear 🙂

  6. says

    Even with my current spec, I need all the gear I have now just to be at 435 Def. I can probably get up to 490 Def with my gems with the Felsteel set. I have big news to post today, so stay tuned when I get to school tonight.

  7. Belsturm says

    good stuff…tonight i have D&D but i will check it out when i get home tonight 🙂

    bleh i am dreading the grind of lvling the BE pally..not so much after lvl 15 but i am quite pissed at the fact that i spent a whole day lvling to lvl 14 on a PVE server because of a friend i have there and later that night my friend convinced me to go horde on destromath instead :-/

    now i have to do all those quests in the newbie zone and one whole round of ghostland quests! 8 hours down the drain…maybe i ll turn him into a 19 twink so its not THAT much of a waste lol

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