Keyed for Karazhan

Last night saw Gitr through the super long, 18 wave fight in Black Morass with 3 guildies and an orphan Holy paladin in CoT. It was a trial by fire, and I didn’t even know it. I’d been getting along swimmingly with one of the veteran mages in the guild, Pandara, and he was more than happy to come along to get me keyed for Friday’s milestone walk into Kara.

It was a great time for me MTing the instance with such powerful dps in the ranks (Hunter, Mage, and dps Shammy) to rip aggro away from me. The most that happened most of the time, was an occassional turn to the shammy that I taunted right back, followed by a Revenge and a couple of sunders. Being a Fury/Prot spec definitely met me with some challenges, but most of them were my own dealing with how I had my spells on my toolbars. I need to re-arrange things tonight or tomorrow before the raid.

Dark Portal done

The thrills started when Pandara ripped aggro one time and the Rift Lord shot right for him and killed him. Today I found out that one time he rocked my world by accident… that time, he did it on purpose to see what I’d do. It was not until today that I became aware that Pandara is Bp’s alt. The significance there is that Bp is our MT for Kara Team 1 and Team 2… at least until I get geared for Team 2. After that, I have no idea what Runnik’s plan is, but Bp said I have no worries about Friday, even as an OT build, and that he’d be making me do a couple of pulls to get used to taking the reigns.

Outside Kara

To recap yesterday, I got over 2k Honor, 4 BG marks, 30 Engineering points to 261, got the shoulders off of Aeonus (Pauldrons of the Crimson Flight), and got completely keyed for Karazhan. Boy did I sleep well.


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    Gratz, man. As lore-based instances go, BM is one of the best in game. I don’t envy the challenges a tank faces when he’s supported with some uber-DPS.

  2. says

    Thanks everyone.

    I’ll tell ya, though, it’s infinitely better to do Dark Portal with 3 guildies who respect you rather than a PuG where every little mistake raises an eyebrow and they all give up when something goes wrong.

    The funniest thing is that I was too busy spamming sunders on wave 13 when I was supposed to drop my beacon. Bp told me to hold on to it. I dropped it as soon as I started whacking on Aeonus, to which he said, “nice. forgot about that.”


    New strategy: Drop beacons on 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18.

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    so drop the beacons on 1 through 13 right. j/k lol grats on getting keyed. I have done all the solo quests to get keyed now I just have to wait to get to Korea and have sopme time to do instances.

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    I so need to print out Bosskillers guides to have handy.

    Keep your fingers crossed. I got about 10 blue screens of death while starting WoW recently. Yeah, the cursed IRQL_Less error that seems to plague gaming computers from time to time.

    I flashed the BIOS this morning, but still got the error the second time I loaded it before work. At least it doesn’t crash once I’m in.

  5. Archsooner says

    Oh meant to ask. Is the pic of your pally on his mount fan art or some program that gives screens an artsy look? Just wondering.

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    That’s Gitr (Warrior) on his Swift White Mount outside Kara in the rain. Click the pic for the full shot without the Photoshop filter I put on it.

    Thanks for noticing the effect. It was too fun to pass up.

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