Keyed for Karazhan

Last night saw Gitr through the super long, 18 wave fight in Black Morass with 3 guildies and an orphan Holy paladin in CoT. It was a trial by fire, and I didn’t even know it. I’d been getting along swimmingly with one of the veteran mages in the guild, Pandara, and he was more than happy to come along to get me keyed for Friday’s milestone walk into Kara.

It was a great time for me MTing the instance with such powerful dps in the ranks (Hunter, Mage, and dps Shammy) to rip aggro away from me. The most that happened most of the time, was an occassional turn to the shammy that I taunted right back, followed by a Revenge and a couple of sunders. Being a Fury/Prot spec definitely met me with some challenges, but most of them were my own dealing with how I had my spells on my toolbars. I need to re-arrange things tonight or tomorrow before the raid.

Dark Portal done

The thrills started when Pandara ripped aggro one time and the Rift Lord shot right for him and killed him. Today I found out that one time he rocked my world by accident… that time, he did it on purpose to see what I’d do. It was not until today that I became aware that Pandara is Bp’s alt. The significance there is that Bp is our MT for Kara Team 1 and Team 2… at least until I get geared for Team 2. After that, I have no idea what Runnik’s plan is, but Bp said I have no worries about Friday, even as an OT build, and that he’d be making me do a couple of pulls to get used to taking the reigns.

Outside Kara

To recap yesterday, I got over 2k Honor, 4 BG marks, 30 Engineering points to 261, got the shoulders off of Aeonus (Pauldrons of the Crimson Flight), and got completely keyed for Karazhan. Boy did I sleep well.


  1. Archsooner says

    So you’ve been keyed for almost 2 weeks and nothing on a Kara run yet??? Got my guy to 62 so I need some motivation to hit 70 so lets hear it 🙂

  2. Archsooner says

    lol, i’m dumb. I had read about your kara run last week. It’s just been a looong day at work.

  3. Archsooner says

    that was a quick reply to my post. way to stay on top of it. knew i loved this blog for a reason 🙂

  4. says

    Thanks, but I can’t take credit. I’m at school studying for my Brit Lit exam and saw the e-mail pop in from the comment.

  5. says

    Hehe Grats on 70 and Kara dude, http:/ is good if you are just starting in there!

    DP was a big stumbling block for me, I went with PuG after PuG all of them wiping. It was only when I went into a Kara guild and did a run with them that things went smoothly!

    Good luck getting those epics mate 😉

  6. Archsooner says

    I was 25% into 68 starting out friday with one goal in mind for the weekend. Hit 70 and get Kara key’d by Monday night. Mission Accomplished. I ding’d 70 turning in the quest to the Cenerion Expedition from Steamvaults, flew straight to SMV and bought my mount, and enter’d LFG for Arc to get my 3rd Key Frag on Sunday Morning. I got my 3rd frag, and after 5 hours of trying to find a group finally went to durn and then BM to get the masters key. Should be doing Kara for the first time tonight with my guild so I’ll see how it goes. Also did my first heroic’s. Completed ramps daily for the riding crop on Monday. Man it feels good to finally be 70 🙂

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