Raid Was a Bust; Members Fined With /gkick

Gitr went on the raid Friday night, but life has been too busy to report back. Now is a good time, but I don’t have time to get into all my details about dumping Alchemy and hitting 300 Engineering or getting up to 8k honor and having enough BG marks to get an epic when I get the honor it takes. You’ll have to come back for that. I just realized I didn’t send the screenshots to my Gmail account this morning, so this will be sans Kara screens. Sorry ’bout that.

I got to the raid an hour late due to commitments. My late arrival was planned upon, but not the pally and priest who just decided to not show up. Runnik spent the next hour getting those spots filled, and got a priest from another guild while they waited for me to OT because they were still down a healer and our Arms/Fury warrior apparently refuses to tank.

As I logged in, they cheered and then immediately boooed when the priest sent Runnik a /w and said she had to go raid with her guild. They were screaming at her. We tried to persuade her to stay and offered her a permanent spot on Team 2. I believe she is considering it for this week.

After another hour of searching, we finally got another healer who was both properly specc’d and not saved to another instance. Morons. For some reason, which (judging by the amount of cussing on Vent) infuriated the members of Team 1, there were always 2-3 people per pull that could not get it in their heads that you need to hug up against the spectral chargers to prevent the… Charge! Every friggin’ pull was a near-disaster. By the time we got to Attumen and I pulled Midnight for off-tanking, a charger… Charges! in and knocks me on my keester.

So there I am, tanking a boss and a 71 Elite at the same time. That is, until the heals didn’t come because the charger feared my healer. We spent another 45 minutes fighting our way back to Attumen and trying to slip in on a good time for the respawns, but the timing was never right. We never got all the way back before everyone was either totally broken or under 15% armor.

Our dps warrior declared the raid a bust to the raid and left. Then he told the guild in nice green letters that the raid was a bust and basically said that Team 2 sucked. Runnik and our MT had had enough. This was his last straw from a number of offenses, and they kicked him then and there, before we even got out of the instance. Within 30 minutes, our guildie healer was doing some talking and got herself kicked and banned from the forums. Yesterday when I logged in, I noticed our member count was down about 16 toons. I asked if there was an exodus or a mass-kicking. It was the latter.

The leadership had finally reached a boiling point with people being impatient with the second team, forgetting that they had progressed very slowly through Kara themselves. I heard stories of entire nights of wipes, but no one put them down. Now the Team 2 members are surrounded by a supportive group of people. Progress will probably be delayed a little, but it’s a much nicer environment now.


  1. Archsooner says

    LoL, got to love guild drama. just left mine yesterday and joined Fight on blood furnace (horde). Done a few runs with guys in it b4 and am already loving it. They are farming Kara and getting through ZA so I need to hurry and get to 70 🙂 Keep us updated on some good Kara stuff that your doing so I can stay motivated for these last 8 levels!!!

  2. says

    I’ve been busy leveling a new Dranny Pally to heal when the guild needs a healer. He hit 19 last night. I’m trying to get to 40 and be a Healing/Prot tank until Outlands.

  3. Archsooner says

    I respec’d my pally to holy 2 days ago from prot so i could start getting some practice and all my macro’s and what not going and wat happens…2 buddies from my friends list beg me to come and tank blood furnace because they can’t find one. So much for practicing healing lol. Have a nice set of tank gear though and even though the entire group was dps overkills (63 lock, 64 hunter, 62 rogue) I was still able to hold agg a lot better then i thought with my 62 pally. Thank god for righteous defense! Just thought this was funny.

  4. says

    The only two things that suck for prot pallies that I’ve encountered through level 50 are:

    ranged dps that refuse to get into the consecration area or hit my shield

  5. Archsooner says

    lol, know exactly what u mean. I did get Really good at knowing the exact radius of my consecration so i could put my guy as close as possible to a sapped mob and still get agg on all his buddies by charging in on the opposite side of him. Tanks should always mark imho so putting the CC targets where u want them help. The only other thing that sucks about pally tanks is there lack of range for pulls. Avengers shield was ok if u didn’t have a rogue doing CC but it drained a lot of mana. linkens boomerang was awesome but the 2 min cooldown kinda sucked and could only use it every other pull.

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