Raid Was a Bust; Members Fined With /gkick

Gitr went on the raid Friday night, but life has been too busy to report back. Now is a good time, but I don’t have time to get into all my details about dumping Alchemy and hitting 300 Engineering or getting up to 8k honor and having enough BG marks to get an epic when I get the honor it takes. You’ll have to come back for that. I just realized I didn’t send the screenshots to my Gmail account this morning, so this will be sans Kara screens. Sorry ’bout that.

I got to the raid an hour late due to commitments. My late arrival was planned upon, but not the pally and priest who just decided to not show up. Runnik spent the next hour getting those spots filled, and got a priest from another guild while they waited for me to OT because they were still down a healer and our Arms/Fury warrior apparently refuses to tank.

As I logged in, they cheered and then immediately boooed when the priest sent Runnik a /w and said she had to go raid with her guild. They were screaming at her. We tried to persuade her to stay and offered her a permanent spot on Team 2. I believe she is considering it for this week.

After another hour of searching, we finally got another healer who was both properly specc’d and not saved to another instance. Morons. For some reason, which (judging by the amount of cussing on Vent) infuriated the members of Team 1, there were always 2-3 people per pull that could not get it in their heads that you need to hug up against the spectral chargers to prevent the… Charge! Every friggin’ pull was a near-disaster. By the time we got to Attumen and I pulled Midnight for off-tanking, a charger… Charges! in and knocks me on my keester.

So there I am, tanking a boss and a 71 Elite at the same time. That is, until the heals didn’t come because the charger feared my healer. We spent another 45 minutes fighting our way back to Attumen and trying to slip in on a good time for the respawns, but the timing was never right. We never got all the way back before everyone was either totally broken or under 15% armor.

Our dps warrior declared the raid a bust to the raid and left. Then he told the guild in nice green letters that the raid was a bust and basically said that Team 2 sucked. Runnik and our MT had had enough. This was his last straw from a number of offenses, and they kicked him then and there, before we even got out of the instance. Within 30 minutes, our guildie healer was doing some talking and got herself kicked and banned from the forums. Yesterday when I logged in, I noticed our member count was down about 16 toons. I asked if there was an exodus or a mass-kicking. It was the latter.

The leadership had finally reached a boiling point with people being impatient with the second team, forgetting that they had progressed very slowly through Kara themselves. I heard stories of entire nights of wipes, but no one put them down. Now the Team 2 members are surrounded by a supportive group of people. Progress will probably be delayed a little, but it’s a much nicer environment now.


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    I have always wanted to wear goggles -O_O- maybe I can change professions one day. I cant wait until I have to deal with guild drama, or maybe I can lol.

  2. says

    I do love it, except when it interferes with raiding… now that I’m finally back.

    Oh well, time to keep going for my welfare epics. I’ll be doing a post on that today, time permitting. The crap hit the fan at the office, and I won’t have much time to think about anything.

  3. says

    The best parts:
    I was just glad to be there. It was a blast even though people couldn’t hug a horsie.
    I was on Vent when the people were getting kicked, but the regular guild chat folks only saw: bye bye, followed by the kick.

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    Yeah, did Attumen last night for the first time myself. As I’m sure you’re aware by now, you’ve gotta run through that trash real fast to be able to fight the bosses without worrying about the adds respawning.
    As for the guild drama, man, I feel you on that. I had to contend with some perceived drama my guild leader thought I was causing while I was in Kara. Got a post lined up all about it for tomorrow morning.

  5. says

    Hey Arren,

    Yeah, I’ve got BossMod installed, so I’ve noticed a lot of cool features already, like the number of waves and % left on Midvh’s mana shield. Well, for Kara, it has the respawn time of each and every piece of trash.

    The problem was that my timer was accurate, but the MT’s timer was off by about 3 minutes, and we spent a bit too long explaining some things. It’s possible that we could have downed him before the first respawn, but even that is questionable. We just couldn’t get things to line up because our biggest opening we ever got was going to be 4 minutes, but that came and went while we still had to clear that last room before Midnight’s stable.

  6. Runnik says

    It was a strange night. I was obviously the raid leader… We spent 2 hours looking for a priest because 2 of ours that said they were going to be there were no shows and with a new group that had never been before, I was not going to begin without shackles. Then, when we made it to attumen, only one mob spawned and killed me (main healer), then one more. Then we started again and just one more spawned, once it was dead one more spawned. It was an odd spawning if you ask me. I’ve only ever seen them all spawn at once, not one at a time. Either way, we were only in Kara for about 45 min. Then one of the members, who we’d actually been waiting to boot but hadn’t cause his brother is an officer, made a smart ass comment. So I booted him. Then a resto druid who had previously been booted by me pre-BC but was added back by another member recently made the same comment to me via whisper. So I booted her too.

  7. says

    I never heard what her comment to you was, just that she was all friendly afterward.

    I still say we should have re-invited her, greeted her with a bunch of ‘welcome back’ /guild chats, and booted her again for good measure.

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