Level 12 Draenei Paladin Quest Walkthrough

Continuing our series of class milestone guides we proudly present the walkthrough for the level 12 questline for Draenei paladins. To avoid much of the confusion that seems to bring comments saying that the quest isn’t available, let’s state the assumptions right away:

  • you are a draenei
  • you are a paladin
  • you are level 12

If those 3 assumptions have been met, please continue for a picture-perfect walkthrough.

Jol - Paladin TrainerOnce you are assuredly level 12, get your little toon self to Exodar and pay a visit to Jol, Paladin Trainer (39,83 in The Vault of Lights). She’s a cute little number, and will tell you study the [Tome of Divinity] that she gives you when you accept her first quest in the Redemption chain. Find the book in your bags and just click through the pages. No one really reads that stuff anyway, right? If you did, you wouldn’t be reading this guide.

Turning in the quest gets you 460xp and lets you get the next quest.

Map of the Young Furbolg Shaman's locationStill called Redemption, the next part of the quest sends you out to Bloodmyst Isle to resurrect a Young Furbolg Shaman. I found one at 65,78 in Bristlelimb Enclave. To make the most of my journey, I combined it with Saving Princess Stillpine (68,81), which involves killing High Chief Bristlelimb (non-elite) pretty close to the shaman. If you can’t kill the chief, you suck as a paladin and should give up playing a pally now, before you waste any more of your time. Seriously, you have no idea how much pain and suffering I just saved you there.

Resurrect the young shamanThere will likely be a Bristlelimb Warrior or two in the area to clear out before being able to perform the spell without aggroing any unwanted attention. Once you have the all-clear, perform the resurrection.

After you get back to Jol, she grants you the spell: Redemption, Level 1. If this is literally your first day playing WoW, then I suppose you need to know that this is the resurrection spell that paladins use, making you very sought after for groups where the potential for dying is high. That way, everyone can go to the bathroom while you hoof it back to the corpses and rez everyone, leaving you to hold it a while longer.

My sincerest apologies that this isn’t as long as the other class level guides, but… well… they didn’t put much imagination into this questline. Check out the Level 12 Blood Elf Paladin Walkthrough for a more creative story and process to get the spell. My experience so far with these Alliance starting area quests is that the Blood Elf starting area is much more interesting and I’ve got quite a few readers and writers around here to back that sentiment up.

Do we have any real Draenei starting area fans around here? What are you seeing that we aren’t?


  1. Jeffrey Bayman says

    I have a question regarding the dreinei race in world of warcraft. How is it that ive seen a level 12 shaman dreinei in northshire and not kalimdor.Im a dreinei shaman level 9 and Im still waiting to be zapped over to elwynn forest like a few other people that ive seen..

  2. says

    While still level 7, I had a guildie mage portal me to Shattrath. That’s the easiest way to get around for the next 50 levels. You can go anywhere as a level 1, too. It’s all a matter of how many times you’re willing to die in the process.

  3. Antoine LICOIS says

    I don’t know about draenei but humans take ships to move from continent to continent. So either it’s by ship that you get to stromwind then Elwynn forest, either by a quest that tells you to take a hyppogryph or something.

  4. says

    All’s still correct on the res furbolg mission, except that when I did it the second and third time on my two other Drainei Pal’s, that damn High Chief bastard brought some company – which resulted in me being the drunk homecoming queen and popular cheerleader at a fratparty, if you catch my drift.
    First of my alts that got gangbanged was unexpected so a group of three Bristlelimb warriors, the High Chief and two or three of those phallic symbols (“totems”, yeah, right) made short work of my first alt pallie.
    Second alt pallie that went on that mission, I was expecting something like that to happen again… so I prepared, scouted out alternative routes, found a few other shamens in easier spots but my damn pride demanded that I res’d one while flipping that Chief the bird so I went for the harder one again.
    And that one held out a while longer… still got gangbanged in the end but damn I spent about four minutes having fun with the Chief, the “totems” and the other warriors that joined in on the fun.
    Would have wiped them out with my favorite seal after finally resurecting that furbolg shaman, but then a Bristlelimb shaman showed up as well, which finally tipped the balance to the Bristlelimb side and gave me a quick trip to the graveyard.
    Still, I did get that Furbolg ressed before croaking with that second alt.
    At a later stage I again whipped up a few Drainei paladins, those and the Night Elf rogues are my favorite types for some odd reason… oh, and my Night Elf hunter lady is damn fine… she’ll wipe out whole mobs in the blink of an eye, with some help from her pet.
    Anyhow, at a later time when I whipped up a few more Drainei paladins, and got to that same mission, it seemed that the Bristlelimb Chief had learned his lesson… twice it was just him on that spot, with two or three other Bristlelimbs and some totems trying to act real tough waaaaayyyy out of range, once there was just the Chief and a Bristlelimb shaman who ended up running in fear… so, it seems to be mainly as easy as described in the original post here, though you might get ganged up on a few times too.

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