Starting Over at 60 (or 58)

Does anyone else have the feeling that anything other then questing is a waste of time between the levels 50 to 60?

Prior to BC coming out, BlackrockDepths was one of my favorite instances. The drops were awesome and the battles challenging. I didn’t raid much prior to BC, actually only a few trips into UBRS, but I did get some decent gear. My point in all of this is: “why doesn’t Blizzard do something to make these instances worth going to again?” What’s the point of defeating Emperor Dagran Thaurissan when the first green you get in Outlands will replace it? The same goes for any of the bosses in UBRS which you need a ten-man raid to even do. I know on my server it is impossible to find a raid going to any of the old raid instances (I did go to AQ 20 with 14 70s one time but that was a looong time ago and everyone I went with was either bored or had never been like me and wanted to see it).

In my opinion, Blizzard spent a lot of money back in the day to make these level 60 raid dungeons such great places to go so why not upgrade the loot so that an epic from Ragnaros does more then the first blue you get in Hellfire Ramparts? I just know from my own experience that it took a lot of joy out of running BRD 10 times to get the Foreman’s Head Protector from Fineous when the very first green in Outlands that dropped for me had better stats. BRD may be a bad example since the XP is decent although I know I can level faster just completeing the quest solo but what about the raids???

Is it only me, or would other people enjoy going back and doing these instances or if you’re like me… seeing them for the first time? Do you think Blizzard should upgrade the loot prior to outlands to make it more compatible with the loot you get there? Should a lvl 58 blue really be put to shame by a lvl 58 green just because one came from Outlands and the other from UBRS or Scholo? Just wanted to get everyone else’s opinions.


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    I think that Heroic setting took care of some of that, but I’m not quite sure about the actual gear that drops. It would be nice to get Prince’s loot table from, say, Ragnaros.

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    I still enjoy doing the occasional BRD or (L/U)BRS run. Recently been trying to get Finkel’s Skinner for my level 70 Hunter and also get him Onyxia attuned. Just for the heck of it 🙂

    Yes Outlands gear is much better than Azeroth gear, making it more worth your time to go to Outlands at level 58 than stick around Azeroth. When TBC came out, I think Blizzard made the gear so good for 2 reasons:
    1. So people would get a gear reset, putting most on equal footing. Of course raiders with T2/3 still had an advantage but for most people this was a blessing.
    2. So people would have extra incentive to go forward in the content. Blizzard have stated time and again they want people to move forward.

    As for going back and giving old-world instances better loot tables… well to do that you would also have to raise the level+stats of the mobs, effectively making an Heroic version of MC for example (otherwise you would trivialize the gear and ruin the game). That is a fairly large undertaking in terms of dev manpower and I guess Blizzard preferred to invest that manpower in new instances/content instead of in re-visiting old content.

    Personally, that decision works for me. I like new content. As a “casual raider” I had fun in MC, ZG and AQ20. But BWL was hell and I never even got to see AQ40 and Naxx. Heroic versions of those instances would mean more Blizzard effort expanded in content I would again probably not get a chance to see – presumably Heroic BWL would be as tough @70 as regular BWL was @60.

    Looking at it as a business decision, it also seems to work (WoW player numbers going up). In the long term, as more and more content becomes outdated, Blizzard might change their mind about specific instances or all of the old content. But for now, if you really want to visit BRD, get a nice level 70 to escort you around the place 🙂

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    I totally agree! Prior to BC coming out I spent a lot of time (and money) getting my Naxx attunement, and I got it about a month prior to BC coming out. As a result, I’ve never been in there or experienced the content. While I have been in MC with 10 70’s, I would love to go back and actually get people together to run old instances, so much so that I’ve thought about started actively recruiting a “renaissance” guild. 🙂 It’s a shame they have become throwaway instances and the most likely those that are going to see it is to watch vidoes. A buddy of mine started after BC and has never been in some of the older instances. See

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    Well A few of my guildies and I regularly go to the old skool isntance just for fun!

    We recently cleared 60% Of MC with 15 people, We down Onyxia with 5-10 people. The money you get alone is worth doing these places for fun every now and again. Azeregos the world boss in Azshara is super easy too! we 6 man’d him!

    I think they should concentrate more on more 10 man isntances than playing with the old content…While i appreciate it fun to go back to these old places, and i did go to the instance on my alts to get XP and some nice gear when they were getting to 58. part of the fun of Outland is getting good gear.

    Blizzard have said that greens that drop in WotLK starting areas will be equivalent to Tier 4, so if you’re t5/t6 you wont be replacing as much of the gear as soon but you will eventually! Part of the draw for me is that every single bit of gear i get is an upgrade! making me stronger and better at what I do.

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    I agree with you 100%, my level 56 mage is totally going to get ruined in outlands. I have been running brd and lbrs lately for experience and gear.
    But I know when I gain 2 levels and start doing outlands quests, my gear will be 100 times better. Blizzard just wasted the game in that sense. A level 60 BoP epic that people waste days trying to grind for can be displaced by a BoE level 60 green.
    It just ruins the game in that perspective.
    Great point Archsooner.

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