What I’m Most Looking Forward to in Patch 2.4

I have been in the dark about Patch 2.4 for a while because I started to seclude myself from the WoW news while I was sick. I just didn’t care to follow anything.

Now that has all changed. I found the changes they are putting into the patch and I’m totally stoked about some of it. Here’s my list:

  • Magister’s Terrace – There’s going to be enough well-geared people in my guild to let me run along on such a nice 5-man instance. I can’t devote the time to Kara, and I’m not geared for anything above that, so this is my end-game action for now.
  • The end (finally!) to getting CC’d mobs broken with multiple mob actions, such as Cleave, Multi-Shot, Avenger’s Shield, and Swipe. This is going to be a major improvement in the terrible life of PUGgers who have to group with idiots who can’t play their class.
  • For me and my pallies, I will enjoy Turn Undead working on demons, too.
  • In groups with druids, everyone will benefit from 20% lower mana cost on Regrowth.
  • Characters will now retain talented spell ranks so when they retalent they do not have to relearn the spells from trainers. Woot!
  • From wowwiki.com, “A representative of the Keepers of Time has been spotted at the World’s End Tavern in Shattrath. Players in good standing with the faction will be granted ease of passage to the Caverns of Time.” ‘Bout time! I hate getting to Tanaris from Shattrath.

Here’s to hoping it comes out Tuesday.

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