Leveling With a Buddy

I have been lucky as of late. You see I have had the opportunity to level with a buddy.


So as I was saying; since about level 30 Protectr and I have been questing together. I usually like to play it solo and every once in a while, and only when necessary, I group up. Well I had no idea what I was missing. Grinding these last 17 levels or so have been some of the most fun that I have had in WoW to date.

There are many advantages to working in a pair; the obvious being that you can kill mobs much faster and complete quests at a very high rate. There are other advantages as well. For me it has provided the opportunity to get better at not pulling aggro from the tank. Protectr is a dang awesome tank, but I still have to be careful to not come in too soon.

Protectr is a Protection spec Draenei Paladin and Phrixus is a Demon spec Human Warlock (AKA awesome). We are a great team, though I had to learn not to go all out with my spells. I SS him and provide a healthstone and depending on the area I bring out which ever demon will be the best suited. He Buffs and heals me when needed. Protectr will go in a grab aggro on up to 5 mobs and I wait a bit, send in my Demon and start DOTing away. The only hiccup occurs when he says to run and I let my (over)confidence get the best of me. I generally don’t die, but that’s only because he runs back and saves my butt.

While I think that any combination of classes will make the game more enjoyable; for the best effect one should find a class that is symbiotic to your own (e.g., DPS finds a healer, healer finds DPS, and Rogues reroll). So for my money nothing can beat a Pally-Warlock duo… well except a Warlock-Warlock duo, but that would be like having two Supermans and that just wouldn’t be fair.


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    I’d have to disagree with your opinion of the best pair. I would suggest that it is a Protection Pally and a Shadow Priest. The pally would, naturally, be able to tank like a mother and heal when needed under pressure and the shadow priest can do uber damage while healing as needed when not in shadowform.

    THAT would be a tough group.

    A druid might give the priest a run for his money, but that would take a lot of form shifting to get decent dps going.

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    HAHAHAHA 2 Supermans that was funny. Good post and your right rogues do need to reroll they are brutal to play.

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    Last night, we took on 4 level 50 scorpions (I’m 45 and Phil is 48) and then 2 of those wandering Wretched Lost ones came in. We conquered.

    It’s sick. It really is.


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    @ Gitr I admittedly have a little bypass towards Warlocks, but even I can admit that would be a pretty good combo. A Warlock is a lot more versatile that a Shadow Priest in most situations, but a Shadow Priest can match a Warlocks DPS and can heal when necessary as well. I would like to see those two combinations take each other on; I think it would be a pretty epic fight.

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    Speaking of an epic fight, I got a duel challenge this morning from a 48 warrior. It took about 2 minutes and he had to stun me and run away to bandage twice.

    I got him down to 16% in the end and he said: “gd” when it was over.

    That was fun, and he was HIGHLY skilled. He did all of the right things.

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    As a 70 prot pally, the best grouping for taking down a group of mobs was definitely pally + frost mage. Up to 12 mobs at once drop like flies, even 2-3 lvls higher. Probably could take more..

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    Oh, I’ll bet that’s some uber damage. I’m hoping to find a balance between damage and downtime. That probably is a great combo.

    Thanks for the tip.

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    @ Edge While I agree a Mage can produce a great deal of DPS; their major down fall is the need to replenish there mana. If a Warlock is played correctly, and I’ll admit that I’m not perfect, he/she can last much longer and therefore make up for the couple of mobs that the mage may have gotten.

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    @PhiLogical – I agree that locks are more mana-efficient…as a former-main-mage (t4 70), we hated locks. QQ’s galore!

    Now with a 70 prot pally main (and lvled as prot), I found that even with SoL and SoW, I still occasionally would go oom or need to eat, roughly the same time as a mana-conserving mage. I guess it depends on just how many quest-oriented mobs you can pull at once!

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    With Protectr, I’m having a fun time bouncing between SoL on me and SoW on the mob and take the remaining time on SoL to judge the mob and SoW me for the next duration. Rinse and repeat. When one stat gets dangerously low, I cast and judge the same one and heal if necessary.

    I’ve done a 7 minute fight this way. It’s really cool when your bubble cools down and you get to use it again.

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