Patches Are Creating Stupid-Easy Mode

Blizzard is making the game too easy. Sure, I see why they are doing it: there are fewer and fewer people playing in the Old World to make it easy to group up and complete Elite quests. Now that you know I know why, I’m going to complain about it anyway to make a broader point.

Remember those Elite kill quests in Winterspring? The bear, Ursius; Chimera, Brumeran; and that ever-so-hard cat, Shy-Rotam? Man, those were benchmarks of greatness! If you could take those on as like-level or below, you were the bomb!
Killed Ursius solo

Those benchmarks are no longer cool, because Patch 2.3 removed the l33tness from them. Ursius is just a big bear, and he’s not the only mob that’s been neutered. I’ve noticed things being easier than before and it just wasn’t clicking that they are no longer Elite.

So what the heck are we supposed to do for benchmarking our abilities? I can kill things 4-5 levels higher than me right now, but how would I stack up against the great Ursius?

I’ll never know.

What former Elite mobs are leaving you with a big let-down when you go after them?


  1. Chris says

    Vagash, the level 12 elite above Amberstill Ranch in Dun Morogh.

    The dogpile of monkeys that used to precede Mokk in “Stranglethorn Fever” is reduced to like two apes that you step on before knocking Mokk over. The Medicine Blanket is no longer a trophy of great success, it’s just another piece of quest loot :-/

  2. says


    Yes, yes, yes! I realized that when Phil and I went to do that monkey quest. We were far under level and it was a huge letdown.

  3. Ken says

    Was doing Loch Modan quests the other day. I couldn’t believe they’d nerfed Ol’ Sooty. At least Chok’sul is still elite, and with his 2 friends, still a real test.

    However, the combo I feared most (on the Alliance side anyway) was in Stromgarde….Otto and Falconcrest. Both now sadly, nerfed. Those guys did so much damage, it was crazy. I remember going in with a group of 5 to take them out, and even a bit overlevel, they were still a handful.

    Now they’re soloable.


  4. says

    @Ken: Very true. Stromgard used to be a guild or PuG effort of valor. I almost skipped those quests this last time around until I saw Lightheaded’s notes that they were nerfed.


  5. says


    I have soloed the Winterspring questline of Ursius, Bruhman, and Shy-Rotam… at level 54.


    I nearly wiped with Lance’s lvl 70 warrior back in the day because of the fearing. We were not prepared. 🙂

  6. says

    Stranglethorn Fever!!!

    That dern quest used to make me want to pull my hair out (but I loved getting it done), and now….

    Well, it is very much a let down, so I just skip it =(

  7. says

    Yeah weren’t you like lvl 56 or 57 when we did shy-rotam man that guy was a killer the fears were ridiculous.

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