Grinding for rep: Darnassus

I had made it my goal recently to get a kitty mount from the Night Elves, though as I found out that’s not an easy task.

If you want to become exalted with the Night Elves and get your own kitty mount it is going to take a lot of time and sometimes a lot of gold.

There are four repeatable quests to gain reputation with Darnassus.

  1. Pristine Yeti Hide from Pratt McGrubben (30, 42) in Feathermoon Stronghold for 250+ Rep. 1 each Pristine Yeti Hide. The drop rate for it is very low. I did not have one to turn in at 64.
  2. Morrowgrain to Darnassus from Mathrengyl Bearwalker (32,8) in Darnassus for 50+ rep. 10 Each Morrowgrain. At 64 I was getting 82 rep.
  3. Morrowgrain to Feathermoon Stronghold from Quintis Jonespyre (32, 43) in Feathermoon Stronghold for 25+ rep. 5 Each Morrowgrain. At 64 I was getting 28 rep.
  4. Additional Runecloth from Raedon Duskstriker (63, 23) in Darnassus for 75+ rep. 20 Each Runecloth. At 64 I was getting 83 rep.

All of those will take considerable time and effort to gain the necessary reputation to become exalted, and reputation gains will vary depending on race, current reputation, and level.

So I recommend that you do what I did.  I did this with a level 64 Human Warlock and still received full reputation gains.

What you do is go to the Starting area for the Night Elves, Shadowglen, and do all the quests like you were a level one toon.

The quest givers won’t show up on your map, but just talk to the Night Elves around there and in all the low level areas if you are not familiar with that area. So basically just follow the path of progression the game gives you and you will gain a tremendous amount of rep.  You will still need to do the repeatable quests, but it won’t seem as daunting as before.                  

Follow my advice and in no time you will have your very own kitty mount.


  1. says

    My Draenei hunter got her Kitty mount at 42 (I’d’ve had it earlier but I was questing with fiancee and he wanted to go to Westfall). I did all of Darnassus, Darkshore, Ashenvale, Stonetalon, parts of Feralas, parts of Desolase, and all of the Draenei starting area up to and including Wyrmscale Isle (there’s alot of darnassus rep on Wyrmscale Isle.. since the quests are given by a dead night elf). The combination of actual darnassus rep and sympathetic rep was enough.


  2. says


    Phil said “What you do is go to the Starting area for the Night Elves, Shadowglen, and do all the quests like you were a level one toon.” That makes it a given that there are other quests, but these are the repeatable quests that are available for rep.

  3. says

    I rep’d in Darn for 2 toons recently also. It was interesting and yet a tad boring, but having the goal was worth it. One got spots, the other got stripes.

    Couple notes:

    1. My next trick is to find a way to rep with Exodar for another alt. I imagine it will be more challenging than Darn. After that will be Gnomer Exiles (probably more challenging still).

    2. The tigers “seem” slower than my Pally’s horse mount. Guess I could time them. Perhaps it’s just deceiving…

  4. Mike says

    Response to Doujhe:

    Your pally’s mount is faster becasue pally has a special ability to increase riding speed of their mount and all nearby party mounts by 10%. Next time you’re riding around….. take a peek up near your map and you’ll see a little buff icon appear.

  5. Sep says

    They are the same speed and you can use the paladin aura with both. The difference comes with the animations of the mount model, it looks slower but in actual fact its just the same.

  6. says

    That’s very true for the travel form vs NE saber cat too. Travel form looks so much quicker, but the stats say it is only 40% whereas a mount is 60%.

    And every mount has it’s own way of looking faster or slower. I was surprised to see that the Ram looks a bit faster than the cat mount (at least to me). Anyone ever really run a race with all these?

    In any case, it was fun getting a cross-race mount. I’ll only worry about rep now to save money on learning spells and such for when I hit the higher levels.

  7. says

    The repeatable quests are good – but it is completely possible to hit exalted with Darnassus prior to level 40. Simply start out in the Draenei starting area and complete every single quest until you clear the island of bright yellow exclamation points. Once that is complete – head to Darkshore and ultimately Ashenvale and do the same. Worse comes to worse head over to the Night Elf starting area as well and pick the newb area quests up.

    Rainchaser was able to hit exalted with Darnassus and the Exodar at 38 doing this – and likely could have done it earlier had I been a little more intelligent about when and where I was questing.

  8. Zan says

    If you do not like repeatable quests or are not high enough to do them this is still possible.
    I did something simular to growl
    MY Darani hunter did everything in her area through bloodmyst isle the went to over and started in the NIghtelf Begining area and worked all the way through fininshing in forest song.
    at level 35 I became exhalted with Darnassus and supper close to geting it with the exodar and it will be easy to get it for all the rest.
    I love having my cat…and before level 40.

  9. Warkitt says

    I did it with an lvl 35 gnome mage i startd at NE starting are and di ALL th quests than Darkshore And did ALL the quests there than ashen vale and then som place else but i forgot xD and i had full rep with Darn in 40 playing hours ^^

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