Phrixus Dings 68

PhrixusThis weekend I dinged 68 with Phrixus. He is currently the highest toon I have ever leveled, with Punitor coming in second at 61. Now generally I tend to spend a lot of my time doing other things than try to level. Play the auction house, grind rep, and get my professions up, but not so much anymore. Since I hit 65 I have been singularly focused on finally having one toon at 70 and with every level the urge to keep playing grows larger. I don’t remember a time since I have started playing this game that I have had this much fun and still been this focused, which presents its own set of problems. You see, the summer festival is going on, and with it some incredible buffs.

Phrixus StatsThe 10% gain experience buff, to me, screams play an alt. I have a level 21 druid that really needs my attention, but alas, no. I played him this weekend and I just could not play him for more than an hour. I even respec’d to Feral, from Resto. I was originally going to try to level straight resto, but that became very boring for me since I did not have a leveling buddy along the way like I did with Protectr.

So I will happily continue my almost obsessive quest to ding 70 and I’m sure once that goal is done I will gladly find a new one. Have you ever been focused on just one goal and let almost everything else fall to the way side?

…hmm that Neatherdrake mount looks kinda nice.


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    Solidd is level 64 and I feel the same way. I thought of farming gold, leveling my leatherworking, fishing with my mage or gathering herbs with my priest… but I just can’t stop the drive to 70! 🙂

    Oh and definitely go feral for leveling, it’s just so much more fun and quick than going resto.

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    Sometimes I wish I could forget I have 5 alts and all their professions… and the thought that when I get them all to 80*, I’ll be starting it all over again on the Horde side, for which I already have 2 on their way also.

    * it’ll be here before even my main, now a 50, gets to 70, that’s for sure.

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