WoWMatrix to Update Addons Since 3.0.2 Patch

Since stopped working and pissed me off to no end, I found an alternative and got my addons updated in about 3 minutes from discovery to WoW loading up. It’s available for Mac (Leopard and Tiger), Linux, and Windows for free! Can’t beat that, and now I can start playing again. I’m 24 hours behind and ready to catch up.


  1. says

    You are a moron. If you read a shred of the content on my site, you’d know that I am a successful entrepreneur who works 50-60 hours per week, cook and clean the house while my wife is at work, go to school two nights per week, and have a social life on Monday nights. Shut your pie hole and don’t pigeon hole all WoW players because of the weaklings who have pre-existing social, mental, and behavioral issues that are exacerbated by entertaining games.

    Get off my site.

  2. says

    Also I am protecting the American Citizens, My marriage is great, and I also have a social life. So please do as Gitr said and leave this site.

  3. bluerain says

    I have 8-9 addons and wowace was great to have. I never really understood why bandwidth would be so extreme. Now I read that some people have 300+? How can that be useful? I can see why people complain about the bandwidth now

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