WoWMatrix to Update Addons Since 3.0.2 Patch

Since stopped working and pissed me off to no end, I found an alternative and got my addons updated in about 3 minutes from discovery to WoW loading up. It’s available for Mac (Leopard and Tiger), Linux, and Windows for free! Can’t beat that, and now I can start playing again. I’m 24 hours behind and ready to catch up.


  1. Calinda says

    Welcome to the wowmatrix bandwagon. I run it every week or so, and I only had a few unupgraded add-ons come patch time.

  2. says

    @Kadomi: The way my UI looked yesterday, I didn’t much care, as long as I got my addons updated. Through the use of Mazzle and my long-time faves, I have 335 addons installed.

  3. says

    See, that’s a very common opinion in the addon user community, and it bothers me. I love addons as much as the next person (use about 150), but they’re a service of the author to the WoW community. Then authors say why WoWMatrix bothers them, and users flip them the bird by saying that’s all well, but doesn’t apply to them personally, because they need their addon fix. It’s pretty disappointing, and I am not even an author.

  4. says

    @Kadomi: I am totally open to alternatives that don’t require me to hunt down ALL of my addons and enter their URL. That would take hours, and my time is very valuable.

  5. Teaakius says

    I think WoWMatrix and similar UI Updater’s merely automate the same thing I’d do to update all my addons…I could do is manually, but having a program do it for me is a lot faster and enables me to keep my addons up to date.

    I don’t understand this whole “re-distribute” and “taking credit for other’s work” everyone’s bitching about. It’s like building a computer…instead of going to all the manufacturer’s websites to place our orders for each individual chip, we go to MegaDepot which takes our information, uses it on all the manufacturer’s websites, and we get all our parts in one fell swoop. They don’t remove parts or modify the addons in any way, so the author’s credits are in his .toc and readmes…and the “average” user who doesn’t know enough about the addons to find that, doesn’t know enough to submit a good bug report either, no loss for the developers.

    There, I said my piece.

  6. says

    Heck no! But I’m thoroughly loving SpartanUI. It’s a dream. It uses Bartender 4 and nothing else. It’s all self-contained. Get other add-ons you want that have started working again, and you’re all set.

  7. says

    personally I think WOW is the most boring game I have ever played it is not worth fifteen dollars a month or a penny for that matter. WOW destroys families and turns men into wimps and women into lazy cows who sit on their butts instead of out working to support their families and pay their bills. WOW also deprives children of their father’s and mother’s attention. I think WOW should be banned from stores like chinese made products with lead in them. WOW has turned the adults of this world into a bunch of lazy pigs who worship a bunch of made up characters and can not get a grip on reality. Today’s world isn’t worth living in because the millons of people playing WOW are living in fantasy land. I wonder how many people are playing WOW on their employers time clock. I wonder how many people are playing WOW instead of doing their job protecting the american citizens.

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