Installing WotLK – Staying Up As Late As I Can

wotlk_installHere it is, boys and girls! The big day has arrived.

I got to my local GameStop at 11:15 and there was a line of people up around 150. By the time we were all there, I’d say there were 200 present to go home happy campers and gamers. By campers, I mean those total losers who got their game 8 minutes before me. Yes, 8 minutes. Lord knows what time they got there, but I spent all of 53 minutes of my life getting my copy.

wotlk_install2The saddest thing I saw was a kid about 12 years old trying to be cool by being there at midnight. The problem: his 40-year-old mom wearing a man’s wife-beater and crop pajama pants and white Keds smoking and talking on the phone and going over to him every 5 minutes to check on him in line. What happened to bedtimes on a school night? He deserved every minute of embarassment for being out too late. Not like she couldn’t pick it up for him during school tomorrow.


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