You’ve Got to be Friggin’ Kidding Me! 1200 in the Queue?

I played forever last night until 3:30am and got one some more after work. No harm in eating dinner, doing some chores, and watching Kitchen Nightmares with the wife, right? Ha!


After a couple of minutes, it gave me an estimate of 43 minutes with 1143 left to go. I started writign this post and came back to a 78 minute wait! Forget it… I headed on over to another realm, such as the sunny pastures of Velen to play Deadr, who has been stagnant for a year at 67 up in Netherstorm. Time to take him across on the zep to see what life is like as a horde in Northrend. I’ve got my SpartanUI all reconfigured for him and his talents back in place, with a few tweaks since I have no idea how to play a priest any more.


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    People laugh at my choice of real… well I guess I did get dragged into it in a way… however, I have not have to deal with a queue.. ever.. and I don’t know if I ever really want to.

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    I have yet to have played in a high pop server (AzShara-US) is home. I hear this type of horror stories and while it would be cool to have a more competitive AH and more things available, I think a que is just not something I ever want to deal with.

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