Grimr Is on a Roll – 78, Baby!

I’ve been spending all of my time on WoW playing Grimr, my original toon who was stuck at 35 forever and a day after I started the world-famous Gitr and began my alt-aholic spin into burnout. He got Cold Weather Flying before hitting the Sholazar Basin and has been flying (literally) through quests.

He’s making his way through the Basin in rapid-fire mode using Kopp’s Alliance Guide and has a beautiful stealthing cat from Zul’Drak by his side. It’s time to buy a new stable and get a Rok from the northern area of Sholazar Basin and also add Pitch to his stables. That should about do it until Blackmaw at level 79.

Too bad you can’t tame and hold onto everything.

We dropped 1200g on a whim upon dinging 78 to buy the complete set (minus an unavailable helm) of Swiftarrow Battlegear. It did some mad-crazy stat improvements and should hold me until 80 when we start doing heroics and dailies.

Late last night, I cracked up as I found “the hatch” in Sholazar Basin in reference to the TV show “Lost,” complete with the numbers. I have to hand it to the designers for creativity.



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