About Us

Gitr Knows WoW is your refuge from the daily grind of boring news regurgitation, forum pouring, and rabble-rousing. We are here to provide you with the best our minds have to offer regarding playing all of the classes, and playing them good. We are, to our very core, alt-aholics and sufferers of alt-ism. If you are new enough to the game to wonder what that is, basically, we get bored playing one class too long and start a new class until our realm lists are full of toons and we have to start over on a new realm. /sad but /true

Gitr, Deadr, Huntr, Paladr, they are all me. I started playing Warcraft 2 in 1996, and still play Warcraft 3 to this day. Two of my co-workers at my new job in August 2005 were playing WoW. By the end of the month, I was on the bandwagon and playing Grimr, a Dwarf hunter. I leveled him to the upper twenties and started a Human warrior that you all know and love. Since then, I’ve come to enjoy playing a 66 Shadow priest, 62 and counting Beastmaster hunter, and a 44 and counting Tankadin (Protection) paladin.

Growl is a hunter, a rogue, a feral druid, and quite probably a female tauren shaman living on any of a half-dozen U.S. servers. Growl grew up both PvP and RP – and has the scars to prove it. He’s been around WoW and WoW blogs since about 2005 and has seen the high and the low of all Alting has to offer. Usually the last to level and a reluctant raider – Growl’s namesakes have been to AQ-20, ZG and MC – but generally prefers a good game of AB instead. Growl’s headed to Kara soon enough – right after he finishes leveling his latest battlegrounds alt….