Level 10 Blood Elf Hunter Questline Walkthrough

I couldn’t find any quick information on who it is that starts the questline to tame my first pet, so I’m making it. I remembered that for my dwarf hunter, the trainer was not in Ironforge, so I figured that the trainer for Blood elves would not be in Silvermoon. Wrong.

Upon reaching level 10, hunters gain the ability to tame their pets, after completing a questline. The questline starts with Oninath in Silvermoon (84,26). He sends you to Farstrider Retreat to speak with Lieutenant Dawnrunner (60,63).

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Preparation for Entering The Slave Pens

I am going to hit 62 tonight, so I’m preparing myself for entering The Slave Pens, per guild requirements of knowing what you are getting into when entering an instance. I really enjoy the runs more now that I research them first because I know what is coming and can respond with ease instead of being caught off guard. I will be adding pictures of the instance once I go there and keep this as a long-term guide.

The Slave Pens is located in Zangarmarsh in the center of Coilfang Reservoir. It is meant for levels 62-64 and is a 5-man instance. You should bring along some crowd control races and a Shadow Priest is quite handy during the Rokmar fight when he blasts the party with an AOE lightning effect.

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