Leveling Machine While Running a Business

I don’t get to play as much as I used to, but I sure am having fun playing my level 46 gnome mage, Blastr when I get a chance. He’s full frost and is gear pretty much sucks because I’m spending all of my extra money on enchanting and tailoring (I’ve got that rout with Deadr before and made a killing in the auction house).

I’m on vacation this week and decided to post to all of my various sites that I maintain/publish rather than play WoW, so I’ll be back playing a couple of hours per week next week. I want to get him to 80 more than I do getting Gitr to 80, because who really wants to level a warrior 70-80? I’ve already got Protectr (pally) and Grimr (hunter) waiting at 80 for the expansion.

Grimr Is on a Roll – 78, Baby!

I’ve been spending all of my time on WoW playing Grimr, my original toon who was stuck at 35 forever and a day after I started the world-famous Gitr and began my alt-aholic spin into burnout. He got Cold Weather Flying before hitting the Sholazar Basin and has been flying (literally) through quests.

He’s making his way through the Basin in rapid-fire mode using Kopp’s Alliance Guide and has a beautiful stealthing cat from Zul’Drak by his side. It’s time to buy a new stable and get a Rok from the northern area of Sholazar Basin and also add Pitch to his stables. That should about do it until Blackmaw at level 79.

Too bad you can’t tame and hold onto everything.

We dropped 1200g on a whim upon dinging 78 to buy the complete set (minus an unavailable helm) of Swiftarrow Battlegear. It did some mad-crazy stat improvements and should hold me until 80 when we start doing heroics and dailies.

Late last night, I cracked up as I found “the hatch” in Sholazar Basin in reference to the TV show “Lost,” complete with the numbers. I have to hand it to the designers for creativity.


It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Wow, I haven’t posted a darn thing about WotLK since it came out, and I have a Naxx-raiding toon! It’s time to get back into the game – the game of posting about my playing again and bring you up to speed on everything since November.

Personal stuff first, for those of you who actually know me or of me over the years. In September I left my military contractor company to work from home for a company who produces WordPress premium themes as their Customer Support Manager. It was a great gig… until they up and kicked me to the curb in the first week of February, stating a “change of direction” for support. Since customers were happy, I had no idea what the heck that meant and was devastated for most of February. The very next day I began working for myself and have been ever since and just formed Petersen Media Group, LLC this week to get a business bank account set up. Things are going great now, so for all of you who follow me on Twitter @jpetersen and Facebook, thank you for your support the last 2 months.

On to WoW now… I’m hooked again. I took Protectr all the way from level 66 on expansion night to 80 in under a month and he’s doing Naxx 25 both with his guild and even pugging it from time to time and is a fierce tank, even if Gitr is still level 70. Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to play a “smack me” toon again who can’t heal himself just yet. In lieu of playing Gitr, I’ve decided to level Grimr to 80 ASAP to get him into dps slots of parties and he’s about to hit level 50. I’m power-leveling him with Kopp’s Guide to see how fast the Alliance side of leveling can be compared to my experience with Joana’s on the Horde side.

Ding 70

So after almost 3 years, off and on, I finally have my first level 70 toon. Phrixus dinged 70 at about 6:30 server time on Sunday evening. It feels so great to have done that accomplishment. Now I can finally raid with my guild, though I need to figure out my role with them. I really would prefer to stay demon spec’d, but if need to change I will. So I went and learned the last of my spells, I have a feeling I am going to love Seed of Corruption.                                

Then I went to the Isle of Quel’Danas, mostly because not being able to go thru that portal was kind of bugging me.  I did not realize that there was not a portal back to Shattrath, I just wanted to check it out.  So I was stuck and I figured I might as well try to do a daily or two.  Usually I research any new areas I go to, but this time I just chose two at random. I kinda lucked out; I chose The Battle Must Go On and Know Your Ley Lines.  Know Your Lay Lines provided me with 10G 99S and Darnarian’s Scroll of Teleportation and The Battle Must Go On provided me with 10G 10S.

I know where I will be going for awhile, because I really want my flying mount and right now I am about 600G off.

Phrixus Dings 68

PhrixusThis weekend I dinged 68 with Phrixus. He is currently the highest toon I have ever leveled, with Punitor coming in second at 61. Now generally I tend to spend a lot of my time doing other things than try to level. Play the auction house, grind rep, and get my professions up, but not so much anymore. Since I hit 65 I have been singularly focused on finally having one toon at 70 and with every level the urge to keep playing grows larger. I don’t remember a time since I have started playing this game that I have had this much fun and still been this focused, which presents its own set of problems. You see, the summer festival is going on, and with it some incredible buffs.

Phrixus StatsThe 10% gain experience buff, to me, screams play an alt. I have a level 21 druid that really needs my attention, but alas, no. I played him this weekend and I just could not play him for more than an hour. I even respec’d to Feral, from Resto. I was originally going to try to level straight resto, but that became very boring for me since I did not have a leveling buddy along the way like I did with Protectr.

So I will happily continue my almost obsessive quest to ding 70 and I’m sure once that goal is done I will gladly find a new one. Have you ever been focused on just one goal and let almost everything else fall to the way side?

…hmm that Neatherdrake mount looks kinda nice.