Gitr *FINALLY* Dings 70!

Gitr dings 70After 30d 18h of /played time on Gitr, he momentously hit the level cap at 1:30am EDT January 13th, 2008. It was a time of great celebration… amongst myself, as the server and guild were pretty much empty at the time. He dinged as he turned in a quest in Shadowmoon Valley. The whole thing was vid-captured, but there seems to be some problem with clipping it to the actual event. Stay tuned for the link soon.

Now, the path for getting keyed for Karazhan has begun. It looks like level 70 will be fun, since he’s already got a blue 1H mace (Apexis Crystal Mace) that does 71.7dps! Well, it cost 120g, but that was cheap for what simple blue armor sells for. That doesn’t really matter, though, because in just 2 short hours of questing away in Nagrand, I racked up 75g and didn’t turn in my last 3 quests for over 13g each. The mace is up to 334 skill level, so I’m almost hoping Gitr can find another one on the AH and dual wield them when he’s not running an instance as a tank.

You know what’s so darn cool about being 70? I don’t give a rip what level something is now. I need rep in Nagrand, so I just went out after the lowest level mobs that gave rep and drops. Such a great feeling.

It’s late, once again, so I’d better get some sleep so I can function at work and school.

Gitr's logon screen

Ding 69! Ten Hours to Go…

Ding 69 statsThis morning Gitr dinged 69 by completing a quest from Ruaan Weald, deep in the Wyrmcultist cave. Experience Fu is estimating that I have 10 hours of leveling to go to ding 70. Here is my plan for the week to get to 70 in good shape:

  • Go back to Shadowmoon Valley to complete many of those quests that I’ve neglected by doing Netherstorm instead.
  • Do frequent LFGs when I do get 2-3 hours to play to get into some instances for XP, rep, and loot.
  • Play the AH to get enough gold for my flying mount upon the big ding. Time to go get Auctioneer Classic again… Advanced is bugging the heck out of me.
  • Clear out all of my group/elite quests that are jamming my questlog.
  • Research the Protection spec I will be using for instances/raiding with Doom’s Assailants¬†on Silvermoon (US-PvE).
  • Consider re-speccing now and simply instancing my way to 70 in really fine, fun fashion. Who wants to grind/quest anyway?

Gitr Goes Widescreen

Gitr dings 68This Christmas, Gitr broke down and built a brand new system and got gift cards to buy a new LCD monitor. What transpired is nothing short of a gaming revolution. WoW is an all new experience now. If you are playing on an old computer, trust me, I feel you. I was running at 1024×768 resolution with the shortest vision and nearly everything turned off. Entering Ramparts, frame rates dropped to a measly 4fps, which makes both tanking and healing exceedingly difficult.

On Wednesday, the new computer got built with a fresh install of Windows XP on a new SATA drive and got all of the WoW patches loaded for some evening playtime. Here’s the current system build, resulting in 35-72fps (depending on the location and party size) with everything at max and my new 1680×1050 resolution:

  • 2.66MHz Intel Core2 Duo with 1033FSB
  • ASUS SLI-ready motherboard
  • 2GB 800 DDR2 RAM
  • 160GB Western Digital SATA HD
  • ASUS Silent nVidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB
  • Envision 22″ Widescreen LCD with DVI-D cable

I’ll move to SLI, 4GB RAM and additional hard drives when the time comes and then top out with a Core 2 Extreme when the prices match what I just paid for this chip. So… using my wife’s bonus, we got all of this stuff in time for my week off of work (don’t worry, I have money coming in this week to replenish her bonus), got a desk, rearranged the office, and took down all of the Christmas decorations. It’s been quite a week, so it’s time to start posting again. BTW, Ding 68!

Widescreen layout using Mazzle UI

Gitr's new desk and monitor

Ding 43! What to Kill? What to Kill?

Paladr’s quest log was full, and I have very little time nowadays (as evidenced by my last post date) to just play around, so it was time to get organized. I decided to attack the quest log systematically. One night, Phil and I were in the pirate cove in Tanaris to complete 4 quests. Another night, I was in Badlands killing everything 4-6 at a time or chain killing in a non-stop 2 on 1 effort until I dinged. Last night, it was the Elder Mistvale Gorillas in STV, including the waves of attacks to get Mokk’s brain. Solo. I’ve never seen that done, so I decided to see if it could be done. Oh, yeah, I also downed Shy-Rotam with Huntr along with the help of Lance’s Drowurden 70 warrior.

Since I’m still short on time, here is a snapshot of my playing. Feel free to ask questions. How ’bout that for efficiency? Don’t tell unless someone gives a darn.

Riding off into the sunset

6 on 1 Greater Rock Elementals

Boss Tho'grun and his posse

Andre Firebeard and Friends

Heart of Mokk

Ding 40!

Paladr wears platePaladr hit 40 just before 11:30 tonight. It was a pretty fast run from 60% at about 90 minutes. I knocked out quite a few STV quests in the process. Too many quests in the log make me go nuts and lose focus. I concentrated on staying in mostly high density areas to power grind and combined that with some drop quests like the crystals off the basilisks. It made for a pretty good combination and I flew to Grom’gol for the zeppelin to Undercity.

I hadn’t been to Silvermoon for about 20 levels, so I wasn’t even sure if there was a level 30 paladin quest, so I made sure to go there instead of using any old trainer. I didn’t see any quests from the usual suspects in SM City. Getting that over, I started going down the list of spells to train (actually, I started with wearing Plate Mail) and got to Summon Warhorse!Summon Warhorse Yes! Just what I’ve been waiting for. The next stop: Auction House.

I checked my bank and mailbox to make sure I didn’t have any plate armor sitting around that I’d forgotten about. My only disappointment of the night, armor-wise, is the lack of mats to craft some Truesilver Gauntlets. Too bad we don’t have a decent AH market on Velen. It’ll get there, but not fast enough for my gloves. I got all stacked up with various plate armor available to newbie 40s, which are insanely overpriced for the good armor because of everyone’s excitement to wear plate at level 40.

All in all I got Paladr’s armor up over 4k and his damage mitigation (yes, I can spell better than the crappy paladin guide up on the forums) rose to 51.48% the last time I looked. I didn’t get a chance to try out my new spells, but riding around the city on my new mount was fun enough for the evening.

Paladr's Warhorse