Ding again, at 42

I hit 42 on Saturday and got my mining up to 183 this morning. I had to look it up to see that I have to hit 200 mining to train up to Artisan. I also was able to mine my first 2 mithril deposits!! Woot! My highest previous attempt at mining took me all the way to tin. I never really got into it, but ores are much more lucritive on Burning Legion.

That is one of the most notable things I have found on this server, at least horde side. At any given time, there are almost no weapons, ores, or cloth. Just try to find wool while you are leveling a tailor. They go for about 2g a stack when there are only 5 to be found. My skinning is up around 275, so I’ll be hitting 300 soon. [Read more…]

DING ..::60::..

It’s over!! The long, hard-fought battle to 60 has been won. I was determined to level Gitr today because he had all rest, a good grinding zone in WP, and lots of bandages. It officially took 16 days, 11 hours, 58 minutes to reach 60. I hate to think of all the time wasted in AH scanning or waiting around for a portal or flying to the wrong places, but this is the final tally, and I hear it’s pretty solid for your first 60.

After that, I went on the guild ZG run. We had 6 warriors and 3 pallys! It was amazing what you can do with so many tanks. The quote of the night was:

“Oh, look. Someone’s over there tanking in the bushes.”

We eventually stopped sheeping and sleeping because we could put tanks on everything. When we came to the blood drinkers, we spaced them out with a tank on each, healed those tanks, and ranged took them down one by one. It was hilarious. With 3 druids, 3 priests, and 3 pallys, you can heal an awful lot, too.

Our hit list included:


We took both Venoxis and Mandokir on our first tries. There were even some who’d never been to ZG, and me, who’d never been to see Mandokir. In addition, I was on the phone with my girlfriend when they were giving TS commands and head’s up on what Mandokir does. All I got was what was typed in /raid chat. LOL.

We tried three times to get the 3 boss-set of Thekar’s gang. Either we didn’t have enough people, the wrong mix, or we just don’t understand how to take them down. It was by far the hardest fight I’ve ever seen or been in. We’ll get him next time.

Heinz 57 anyone?

Gitr dinged after 2 1/2 hours of grinding. I was in Silithus grinding worms, scorpions, and spiders to the tune of 680-725xp each. I completed 2 quests while there, which helped with 12,000 of it.

In IF, I got the the queue for WSG and got in pretty fast. It sucked, but I was suprised at how much it sucked. Click to enlarge the standings:

Gitr’s getting attuned

Talion is setting up a BRD run tonight to get a couple of us attuned. I should have a pretty decent stab at finishing out my last 70% of lvl 56 if we do a 5-man group. Pumped. That’s all I can say. I’m ready to go to MC.

Gitr went to Silithus right off last night. Well, sort of. On the boat, I /followed my group/guildie, Arrakis, so I could finish printing something. I Alt+Tabbed back, and I was swimming, out of breath, and fatigued. I swam to the surface and over to the lighter colored water, and saw that she’d asked if she needed to pass on WSG. Apparently when she accepted, it whisked me along, right off the boat to the raptor area off Wetlands. So, on the second attempt, I got there and killed 13 Crushers and got the Pincer stingers before Arrakis showed up. We quickly got the 8 tablet fragments and the other 7 Crushers and I called it a night.


I dinged with the help of Arrakis in Silithus. Gitr is now 56 and has several Silithus quests, too. It’s laundy and reading night, so I dinged and logged. I’ll write more, what little there is tomorrow.