Ding 39; Grinding away kill/drop quests

Paladr hit 39 last night and frantically tried to level out his Blacksmithing to 300 using the simplest and cheapest methods possible, only to fall short of the next recipe level at the trainer. I think Paladr is at 272 and must need 275 to get the next round in Booty Bay.

I started investigating the specializations and decided to go with Armorsmith and was moderately disappointed to learn that I have to hit level 40 for those recipe quests to become available. I have stored up most of the crafted items used to receive those Ornate Mithril Armor pieces, which I am obviously eager to don at level 40 anyway. I have some nice stuff crafted already, but I can’t wait to see what kind of beating Paladr will take with plate armor.

Ding 38; Herod’s Shoulder + Ardent Custodian

Paladr at 38 with Ardent CustodianAfter running SM Library and Armory last night, Paladr dinged AOE grinding murlocs in STV this morning. Last night saw the much-drooled about Herod’s Shoulder, which I was the only person emminantly qualified to wear such an awesome piece of armor. At times, we had 7 mobs all over the place, with 5 of them generally hitting me. The mage had no concept of waiting for me to get some damage in before tossing a Fireball or Arcane Missles into the mix. At the beginning, the priest thought that she should be the one to pull, because of her range. “Hello! I have Mana Tap! Watch me pull… you stand back and keep me alive.” We had no combat-related deaths, but the shaman was unable to run out of the Library through the mass of repops. At least it was his idea to just run. 🙂 Here is how my run stacked up as a level 37 tankadin, leaving me one conclusion: I can tank, and I can heal. Those are my roles in-game. Luckily, Huntr just has to do damage, and his build and gear lets him do just that.

Damage Done

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Ding 37; Really Itching to Equip My Epic

One more level to go for my Ardent Custodian MH mace. I read that it is likely the best pre-MC tanking mace available. I haven’t checked that claim, though I saw that one from Dire Maul has good stats but loses the Defense.

I’ve been 37 for about 3 hours now, and can take on Elites multi-levels above Paladr. I’m testing to see what is the highest melee Elite I can down. He can do a 38 with over half health and half mana left. Both could be higher, but I was getting bored and used some spells. I can wear down anything that doesn’t hit harder than my Seal/Judgement of Light + Bubble/Healing. When Redoubt is up, I’m at 40% blocking, have 9% parry and dodge, a 20 point Mithril Spike, 2200HP, and 1700 mana.

It’s class night tonight, so we’ll see how much playing time I get in when I get home. Tomorrow is a busy Friday before a weekend vacation.

Ding 36; Scarlet Monastery Tankadin Time!

Clean UIFirst thing’s first: I cleaned up my UI after I realized that there was still too much stuff in my field of vision. I hate the feeling of numbers everywhere, information blocking my view of potential threats, etc. I moved the minimap up to the top corner again and dropped my second chat window into the bottom bar, the damage meter and threat meter only come out to play in groups now, and things look a lot cleaner. I even changed the Scrolling Combat Text to arc so the Consecration damage didn’t run right up the middle over all the action. It was going to be too distracting while tanking.

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Ding 34; STV or Bust

Paladr at 34Paladr went all-out last night without rest to level and get another talent point. It was a longer haul at the end, but it was worth it to get Blessing of Sanctuary and a couple more spell rankings and… a BUBBLE!!I completely forgot about the bubble while quest/grinding this morning, so I don’t know how good it works yet.

Sin'Dall downIn my effort to get Paladr to 34, I really started going after some Nesingwary mastery quests that were a tad high for me, but they are totally doable because pallys rock. Last on my list was to go kill Sin’Dall for the upteenth time (Mr. Altism takes a bow). He was so easy when you get to heal by whacking, damage by being whacked, and a big heal when I wanted. I think the level 38 Shadowmaw Panthers south of Grom’Gol are tougher.

I killed a lot of Lashtail Raptors 2-3 at a time for good XP, and was wondering what your favorite grinding mobs are in STV. There are so many to choose from, and we all prefer ones that don’t flee or stun, so what will it be for you?

Raptor Hunting