Ding 27; Blacksmithing up to 225/225

I dinged last night with the help of Punitor running some tough-to-do quests as a paladin. I got Steelsnap and the 30 Elite gizmo tiger and the 10 eggs before logging.

I got my blacksmithing up to 225 and topped it off until level 35. I think I’ll start recruiting 60+s before I head back onto Huntr for long-term leveling. I’d like to get Paladr to 35 to craft Huntr great gear and for money-making. That will give me a 350+ Tailor, Enchanter, Blacksmith, and 2 First Aids at 375. Oh, and Huntr’s cooking is around 330.

Time to get back to work now that I restored the blog, sans plug-ins.

Ding 61; Already Ran Hellfire Ramparts

I’ll roll this all into one for you today. I get to pick up my first pair of new glasses in 7 years today. I’m done with contacts for now – pretty much only for outdoor activities where glasses will be a nuisance.

Watchkeeper Gargolmar Is DeadI got Huntr into Hellfire Ramparts Sunday night. I’ve added a paladin a level or two above me to my Friends list because he’s always going when I’m in the queue. We ended up with a 64 hunter, 63 paladin, 63 rogue, and a 70 shaman to tank. Our only death was when the paladin pulled one of the guys leading up to the spiral ramp when we were sneaking by after downing Watchkeeper Gargolmar. We ended up taking on 7 at one time, but came out okay with no healer after 30 seconds. 🙂 TWO Beastmasters FTW!

Omor the Unscarred, Scarred

I was so excited when the last boss fell, I forgot to take screenshots because they both went down sooo easily compared to the others and from my past experiences in Ramparts. Hunter is sooo much fun.

Gauntlets of PurificationI dinged 61 Monday morning before work. It opened up a bunch of new questgivers that had gray exclamation marks over their heads. Last night I blasted through about 20 quests and got another blue drop: Gauntlets of Purification. I debated amongst my toons and decided to not hold on to them until Paladr hits 61. I’m cashing out on them now while the getting is good. That’s two rare drops in one week.

What have you been up to on your realms? It’s a good time to catch up on your toons around the world. Feel free to post your Armory links and latest blog posts in the comments and we’ll have a big free-for-all sharing session about what’s the latest with the Gitr readers.

Ding 58!! Went Through the Dark Portal

I dinged 58 after relenting to mass-grinding Timbermaw rep near Timbermaw hold in Felwood last night. I had 38% to go, and I was taking on 4-6 mobs at a time between levels 54 and 57. It took me about 43 minutes to ding. I exitedly hearthed to Org, got one more piece of Outland gear from the AH and rode to the Zeppelin Master to fly to Grom’gol. I flew to Stonard and rode to the portal.

I got my standard portal screenshots, but the Internet was down at home this morning, so I’ll have to visually brag later. I went to Thrallmar and started the first 3 quests. I completed the scrap wood and scrap metal quest and opted for the mail piece that replaced a leather rather than the awesome leather piece that trumped my current mail piece. I just can’t remember which slot was which. My profile has it, though.

I’m going to do my darndest to hit 60 this weekend. My wife is off tomorrow, though, so that rules out playing all morning tomorrow. It should only take 4-5 hours to wrap up the 50s.

As soon as I hit 60, I’m going to play Ramparts until I have all the pieces. I’m determined to get the rep that I can’t get outside of the instances with Deadr now that I’ve completed all the quests. I read that you have to do the instance honor first, because the quests will always reward reputation, but the mobs in Ramparts stop at a certain point. Now I only get credit for the boss fights.

Ding 57; Outland Gear Again

Huntr at 57Although much more sparse, Huntr has started to don Outland gear that drops from Hellfire Ramparts and will be joining those battles very very soon, hitting Level 57 with 6d 4h 53m /played time. Last night, I killed High Chief Winterfall (59 Elite) in an uber solo battle on my first try. I’m going to complete Linken’s questline, for sure, before I enter Outlands.

I will probably be able to level out without too much time spent in the dreaded Eastern Plaguelands, but we’ll have to see how Winterspring and Silithus play out.