It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Wow, I haven’t posted a darn thing about WotLK since it came out, and I have a Naxx-raiding toon! It’s time to get back into the game – the game of posting about my playing again and bring you up to speed on everything since November.

Personal stuff first, for those of you who actually know me or of me over the years. In September I left my military contractor company to work from home for a company who produces WordPress premium themes as their Customer Support Manager. It was a great gig… until they up and kicked me to the curb in the first week of February, stating a “change of direction” for support. Since customers were happy, I had no idea what the heck that meant and was devastated for most of February. The very next day I began working for myself and have been ever since and just formed Petersen Media Group, LLC this week to get a business bank account set up. Things are going great now, so for all of you who follow me on Twitter @jpetersen and Facebook, thank you for your support the last 2 months.

On to WoW now… I’m hooked again. I took Protectr all the way from level 66 on expansion night to 80 in under a month and he’s doing Naxx 25 both with his guild and even pugging it from time to time and is a fierce tank, even if Gitr is still level 70. Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to play a “smack me” toon again who can’t heal himself just yet. In lieu of playing Gitr, I’ve decided to level Grimr to 80 ASAP to get him into dps slots of parties and he’s about to hit level 50. I’m power-leveling him with Kopp’s Guide to see how fast the Alliance side of leveling can be compared to my experience with Joana’s on the Horde side.

Ding 56; Considering Deathclasp

Sorry folks, but this is going to be a quick note before work. Class went its full length last night, so I didn’t play and blog yesterday… just play. I dinged 56 just a few minutes into my session. It came at 5d 23h 31m /played time. I added my talent point to the Improved Hunter’s Mark.

Just as I dinged, Punitor (Phil) got online and I ditched Huntr for the night and played Paladr with him. We cleared out the dreaded scorched crater area of those annoying harpies. I’d been up since 4:30, and it was almost 11:00, so it was time to go to bed before rinsing and repeating today (note time now — I’ve already played and am walking out the door).

Moving on to Silithus; Almost 56

Huntr at 55I did my own thing for a while (basically Felwood and Winterspring) and want to get back on track. I dusted off my Joana’s guide and saw that I had automatically done all the quests I was supposed to do. Maybe not in his optimized order, but I’m not wandering around lost.

I am picking the trail up at Silithus.

One of my highlights includes taking down Ursius solo as a 56 Elite to hang over my mantle.

Killed Ursius solo

I started on several of the quests in Silithus, but work drew me away at 95%. I decided groceries over game. It should only take me 20 minutes to ding tonight.

Ding 52; Huntr Is Back on “The Guide”

Huntr at 52 in Blasted LandsI hit level 52 last night while killing off massive quantities of Un’Goro critters. I just started the “Un’Goro Grind” and arrived at the FP before hearthing to TB to train up my skills. I got back on track with Joana’s Horde Guide and am back power-leveling. I hit level 51 last weekend with 4d 9h 56m and level 52 last night with 4d 14h 38m of /played time.

There is a gap there where I was crafting, auctioning, and just plain old having fun being 50 and totally unmotivated to do anything more in Tanaris involving robotic chickens, a giant tortoise, or bugs.

I upgraded my bow to a slower one, but one that packs a ton of punch, especially when I trip my BM crit-based talents.

I was remiss in mentioning that I tamed King Bangalash on Saturday, just hours before I spotted Grunter. He’s going to be a lot of work, and I haven’t decided if it is worth all of that painful leveling to have a white tiger at this point. I’ll tell you, he was a tough tame at 51 because of the adds. He got me down to about 5% and then turned on his buddies. LOL!

I have not spent the last 2 talent points yet. BRK? You out there? I’m full BM with 41 points, all the way down the tree.

Ding 50; Not Much Training

Huntr at 50I got Huntr to ding level 50 this morning in Tanaris and flew to Thunder Bluff to train, hit the AH, and restock on various items that are best done in a major city. Huntr has 4d 1h 50m /played time so far, and I couldn’t be happier with Joana’s Horde Guide. I mean, 4 days to level 50! One of my co-workers plays and he is really happy with his time to level 52. I asked him what it was and he said it was a little over 7 days. 🙂

Last night, I had an embarrassing self-moment. I was in my Spellbook and discovered that I had Beastial Wrath sitting there without a button on any of my bars. Now I know where Big Red Kitty gets his red look. /slap

Big Red Kitty - Huntr Style

I was quite disappointed with my trip to the trainer and the AH. There were only 3 spells that I wanted and NOTHING good up on the AH. There were only 3 pieces of mail armor between level 45-50. What a letdown. I’ll check it again when I come home before I hearth back to Gadgetzan to escort Tooga.

Level 49 DPSTomas was curious about my DPS. Here is what I was doing to the Thistleshrubs in Tanaris just moments before dinging this morning: