Ding 41; Blew Through Level 40

I didn’t even have to grind one second for level 41 and got there in under 2 1/2 hours with a total /played time of 2d 19h 29m. I reached it before I was supposed to, most likely because of drop rates with the buzzard wings. Badlands is so good for leveling when there are quests associated with all of the killing. There are tons of mobs, but they aren’t really aggro nets like other places.

I think I’m done with Badlands, or at least for a while. I already killed the patrolling orge boss, a 45. I put Hunter’s Mark on him and sent in Tiggr to Intimidate him right off the bat. I struck him with Serpent Sting and kept nailing him with Arcane Shots as often as it cooled down. As soon as he went down, I started running because Tiggr was down to 15% health after taking a beating from 6 mobs at one time. I got away and came back 20 seconds later to loot the body.

I’ve got all the pages for the Green Hills of Stranglethorn, so I’m off to turn those in and run all the way to Swamp of Sorrows.

I see Ravenkiller hit level 30 last night. Gratz, man. What else did you all do last night?

Moments from Level 40 Mount

I turned in my quests after I hit 39 and Joana’s guide said that I should be about halfway to level 40. I was at about 40%, so, yeah, give or take, I was halfway. Then I almost cried when it said to grind to level 40. I could look for things to do around level 40, quest-wise, but that would involve traveling, too. So I started after different mobs than the guide, opting for leel 40-41 mob XP rather than 37-39s.

It got so friggin’ boring, I’m turning in for the night. I’ve got 45 minutes left to go in the morning before we head to the beach for the day. I’m gonna get that bird sometime tomorrow.

Gold update: I have 127g on Velen between my toons, with more up in auctions.

Ding 39; Bagged Bag’thera

Joana’s guide had me grind trolls for about 60% of level 38, making it the longest grind session yet, but the immediate reward for dinging was taking down Bag’thera, a level 40 Elite, and turning in the quest for almost 4k XP. There really isn’t much to talk about with level 38, since it was so much grinding. The best I can do is brag that I was taking on 3-5 level 39-40s at a time. /shrug

Wow, that was exciting. What did you do last night?

How Happy Are You With Joana’s Horde Guide?

This week, I’m going to do Reader Participation Monday early due to the holiday. I just checked my click-through stats on my favorite affiliate, whom I personally use every time I log in, Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide. To date, here are the stats I found:

  • Purchased: 29
  • Refunded: 1
  • % Refunded: 3.45%

This would suggest some pretty happy guide-users, but I haven’t heard from any of you saying how it is working for you. I’d love to hear from more users and see how you like it, what issues you have, and if you have found any shortcuts.

My greatest deviation from the guide while playing hunter has been my talent spec, as a full Beastmaster. I can’t say that being a BM has had any impact whatsoever on not being able to complete a quest or kill I needed. I don’t use the same key-bindings, either, but that is a play style issue.

Sound off.

5 Leveling Goals to Keep Going Strong

I’ll follow up Xial’s question about being motivated to level with a how-to article on how I do it. Of course, one of my biggest motivators now, is to continue with blogging content by playing. If I don’t play, I don’t have anything to write about on this blog. Plain and simple. Another blog-related motivation is to see how I compare to Joana’s leveling skills. I’d really like to get a toon to 60 in under 6 days.

Now for some easy goals to keep up your pace:

  1. Look for loot/rewards that you can get at certain levels and make that a goal. A good example would be armor sets that have their various pieces at different levels. If you can just get to the next level, you can put on the next piece. That is one of my current goals as a level 64, to be able to wear the next piece of Netherweave armor.
  2. Research what skills are available at levels a little further, especially if you are over level 40 and have already made the “get a mount” goal. For my paladin, Paladr, I know there are some stinking awesome spells coming at level 30, and as soon as Huntr gets his mount, Paladr is going to race to level 30.
  3. Find people that play as much as you do and race to level. Better yet, start a guild and try to stay in the lead. 🙂
  4. Track your time /played and see if you can keep up with me. I have tracked time as a hunter and a mage so far.
  5. Find a mob, preferrably an Elite, that you want to take down and make it your goal to do it as soon as possible. I can’t wait to kick King Bag’s tail.