Ding 32; Going into Desolace

Huntr at 32I dinged in Shimmering Flats this morning EXACTLY where the guide said I “should be 32 now.” I got to skip the “if not, grind to 32.” That made me smile.

/played time 1d 16h 22m.

I know it’s a bit off of [tag]Joana’s Horde Guide[/tag]’s pace, but this is still pretty stinking fun to be this high after less than a month of RL time AND starting a new toon and getting him to level 24 within that time.

I hope you all noticed another person’s review of their experience with the guide Saturday, when Komiel left me the following comment:

Jame’s guide start off from 21+ but the only thing that isn’t really tempting me to use it is because of the zone he uses to level. If you’re on a PvP server and is looking toward powerleveling your toon you will probably suffer a lot of your time using James guide to level at Hillsbrad. In the other hand Joana’s guide uses Stonetalon as the zone for leveling 21+ which is much better compared to Hillsbrad. Stonetalon is also contested but I haven’t seen much heavy PvP or high levels running around ganking lowbies. I am sure there will be some same level PvP going on, but it’ll definately speed up your leveling a lot faster compared to James. I’ve also notice James guide also ask you do some rediculous quests that are completed underwater, which is painful for many others that are not Undeads or playing as Warlock.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing my thoughts toward these guides. I personally prefer to use Joana’s and it’s definately worth getting.

What more do you need to finally level like you should? You don’t have to skip out on instances or other quests, but doing things in this order this Joana’s organization really will get you leveled faster, and you can choose how fast by how much other stuff you do.