Deadr ….::::60::::….

Deadr dinged 60 at 10:55pm EST tonight after a run in Hellfire Ramparts with a playtime of 11days 21hours 37minutes.

I logged on an immediately called out to Aeigelus for a Ramparts run, but there was some miscommunication, probably on my part, that I was wanting to run on Friday. So I put out a call for others to join and immediately got 2 takers, Slickv and Ninjamaster. We started heading there and had Gorelord join us as a 62 warrior. He made it known that I was too low to be main healer and I was removed from the group…that I started.

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Ding 59, in 4 Hours of Playtime

I ran through quests like never before yesterday. Like I said yesterday, I left for work with 16%. After 1 hour after work, I was at 41% and already done with 3 more quests. I ran down to Spinebreaker Post and picked up that flight point to log off to make dinner.

I got on at 8:00 again and played until I was at 91%. I was really, really getting tired of dying from Alliance and the stupid Cauldron by Zeth’Gor that I needed to transmute theĀ Bleeding Hollow Blood for [60] Boiling Blood.

My loot upgrades were: Desolation Rod and Rod of the Unyielding.

I also got all of the Hellfire Spineleaves I needed to save a wounded orc. I killed all of the Unyielding Footmen, Knights, and Sorcerers. I found 30 Zeppelin parts scattered all over the place. I got 12 Ravager Eggs in Razorthorn Trail. There must have been 10 other quests in there somewhere, but it was happening too fast to keep track of it all for you, so I’m sincerely sorry. I really wanted to ding, and I’ll be 60 by the weekend, pretty much for sure.

I have also noted a severe lack of cloth gear for quest rewards so far. There have been 3 rewards that I’ve received or will receive when I’m done that have totally un-equippable items. Nice Vendor Trash money, but useless, nonetheless.

My total time /played now is 11d, 17h, 54m, 20s.

Ding 58, Riding to Portal Now

I just dinged 58 at 5:35 AM and hearted to UC to train, repair and hopped on a bat to Stonard. I’ll ride down to the portal, switch resolutions, pray I don’t get ganked, and fly to whatever the horde base is called.

Pictures going up after I get to work.

Gear Change, Outland Greens in the AH

Last night was my lucky night for gear. My ranged dps increased almost 30, my crit % increased 2%, and my mana went up 1000, just from gear and hitting level 57. I logged off this morning after messing around (unsuccessfully) with a quest with 2 hrs 39 min playtime on level 57 and was sitting at 42% complete. I went over 60% of a level (between 56 and 57) in under 3 hours 15 min. I need to find some more kill quests. When I get home, I’m going back to Silithus to grind the level 60 Twilight dudes for their texts and for massive XP killing 60s that I can cut through like butter.

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