World Servers Randomly Down Last Night

I had a heck of a time getting anything done last night because of the world servers going up and down like yo-yos. I tried logging in to Deadr, thinking maybe maybe maybe I could level him out if sleep didn’t overcome me. I logged in fine, but after the loading screen, it said the world server was down. I tried 2 more times to no avail.

Time for Gitr to get some playtime, then. I got on him just fine. I went to the east first to kill some orcs to get a Cursed Talisman for Ill Omens [58]. That was fine and all, until I aggroed to many after I already had the drop. I corpse-rezzed and turned it in. The next quest, Cursed Talismans [58], looked like I needed to kill a lot of those guys to get the drops I needed. I really need to level some before I start into like-level mobs. My gear really, really sucks. I suppose I could go finish some old-world stuff for XP to get another level under my belt.

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Ding 56, Deathclasp Goes Down With a Surprise

I have to show you the screenshots to believe how I got to complete the Deathclasp quest and picking up the satchel. I uploaded my profile, so it is available as soon as RPG puts it through.

My action started off with heading South out of Cenarian Hold to go after the other quest items from the various exoskeletal buggers around. I got my last 6 drops after about 25 kills, and turned them in. On my way back out to see about what level the mobs for the quest to free the spirits of 8 Tortured Druids and 8 Tortured Sentinels in Southwind Village were (The Spirits of Southwind [55]), I saw Kamaz again.

This time, I tried to communicate a little better than waving and not whacking each other. I read somewhere that you can read opposing text by putting in spaces. I got him to follow me, but I’m not sure he ever understood that he could talk back.

Once we got to Deathclasp, he said /thank and we started in on him and his 2 bodyguards. After we killed him the first time, we were soon joined by another Alliance rogue who was probably wondering what the heck was going on. An Alliance and Horde team killing a level 59 Elite? NO!!! Yes, my friends, it happened. Several times. [Read more…]

Ding 55, 6 Hour Estimate for Leveling

I dinged with full rest and plenty left for 55. I picked up two Dire Maul quests. I just need to catch my guildies when they aren’t busy leveling themselves. 🙂

Off to bed. More on this tomorrow. It was a looooong day.


Basically, I completed Dousing the Flames in Felwood solo, which was a lot of fun, and I found out what was making my computer hang…now it just gets really herky-jerky. Something happens when I’m in enclosed or tight quarters, where the hard drive goes nuts. It’s driving me closer to doing an upgrade, but I have to get purely excess overtime to get that.

I also went to Winterspring to kill all of the Berserk Owlbeasts (level 58-59) solo. It took about 20 minutes. I turned in the quest and went back to grind them for the ding. I spent my talent point on reducing the mana cost of Mind Blast and Mind Flay. That’s probably something I should have done sooner, since that’s about all I do right now. 🙂

That is pretty much the rest of the story. I was going along at 32k/hr XP when I dinged and logged.

Ding 53…racking up the quests, bags are full

I am constantly comparing what dropped to what is in my bags. I think there are a few things in the bags that were for quests that stayed in there when I turned them in. I need to research those.

I went to Felwood and turned in a quest and got salve for corrupted flowers. I met a 56 mage hunting the felpaw village residents by Timbermaw hold. We completed that quest and I ran to Winterspring again and got a quest to kill those guys for more rep and XP. After a while, a vial dropped, which I handed to the dwarf by the hot springs.

I still have more of them to kill for the guy on the other side of Timbermaw hold, but I’ll get some rest built up first. I’m halfway to Neutral.

I bought a Dreadmist Belt, and a Ring of Bitter Shadows which totally rock!