Ding 47: Yetis help pave the way

I hit 47 this morning after a couple more quests and a ton of grinding for the Rage Scar Yetis in Feralas. The drop rate for their Pristine hides is around 19% and I need 6 more for the quest. Alas, there was no good gear on the AH for me, so I’m on my way back for more hides. I managed to get a Perfect hide to drop, so I can turn that one in at the same time.
I guess everyone is back at work today. No one is taking my offers for LFG in more than 2 hours.

Clearing up Level 46

I’ve been running quests like crazy in Feralas and dinged 46 on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t play yesterday, but I’m over 60% through now and get to play all day tomorrow. I hope to hit 48 tomorrow and 50 by the end of the week.

We’re off to my wife’s parents’ house for Christmas dinner. I may not get on tonight, but if I do, I think I’m going to turn in a quest in Azshara.

44 and Counting

I got my Shadoweave set when I logged in after work. It was just sitting there in my inbox like a present. Then I turned in a couple of quests that took me to 80%. I got back on around 8pm and turned in another to get to 85% and decided to grind it out. I went to Tanaris to pick up the quest involving digging up the 30 ornaments. I have 4 already and fought my way through crowds of 45s to ding just before 9pm. I hearthed and trained. I will probably go back tonight and also see if anyone wants a level 44 priest for ZF. Probably not, but it is worth a try.

I have a ton of quests to go for STV and I have several Elite quests. This morning I tried 3 times to kill King Bangalesh. I just can’t do it without some potions or elixirs. The first time, I got him going pretty good until his backups came. When I ran back to rez, I noticed that his help were only level 33 non-elites. I figured, no problem. I put Corruption on one and King, and Pain on the other helper. I took down the one that would heal me as I hit him, and things were going along fine that way. I took down the other one in the same fashion, healing as I dealt damage. When I was ready to take down King, I was out of mana to keep putting up my bubble. I died again. My next try, I got the two helpers down after King called them, but he took down my bubble on a greater heal that was supposed to save my life, so I died. Time to go shopping or get some enchants on my stuff.

Affliction Tree with a Priest Rocks; Ding 43

I logged on last night to a nearly-instant whipser from Rhone, Core’s 60 Affliction Warlock. He is bored until BC and wants to level me as fast as we can so Core can have another priest from time to time. The idea was to round up mobs, for him to put 2 DoTs per mob, and run around with a bubble. Then he would do that health transfer to his succubis and I’d heal him back. When I wasn’t doing damage myself, it was non-stop action with no downtime to drink. I think we’ll be doing this a lot, especially if I hit 60 in time for Burning Crusade.

He met me in Tanaris as I was rounding up Rogues, Assassins, and Mages. I got jumped by Caliph Serpentsting twice that morning, and we saw him 3 times last night. The sky must be falling or Hell must be freezing over, because he’s ALWAYS required a manhunt. [Read more…]

Ding again, at 42

I hit 42 on Saturday and got my mining up to 183 this morning. I had to look it up to see that I have to hit 200 mining to train up to Artisan. I also was able to mine my first 2 mithril deposits!! Woot! My highest previous attempt at mining took me all the way to tin. I never really got into it, but ores are much more lucritive on Burning Legion.

That is one of the most notable things I have found on this server, at least horde side. At any given time, there are almost no weapons, ores, or cloth. Just try to find wool while you are leveling a tailor. They go for about 2g a stack when there are only 5 to be found. My skinning is up around 275, so I’ll be hitting 300 soon. [Read more…]