Brian Kopp Updates His 1-70 Guide for 2.3

Brian Kopp, author of the extremely successful Alliance 1-70 leveling guides has just finished updating his guide for WoW 2.3! Kopp’s guide is touted as one of the fastest ways to level an Alliance character and with the increased quest experience and decreased leveling requirements that went live with 2.3, things have only gotten better.

According to Kopp – the changes in 2.3 now allow players to easily level from 1-60 with absolutely ZERO grinding!

Other changes include:

  • Levels 20-60 reworked for patch 2.3 so that all the improved experience changes were documented. This now allows the guide to be 100% questing 1-60 and no grinding
  • Enlarged the font and changed it to a cleaner style
  • Removed border from edge of pages while changing the margins slightly
  • Added page numbers to all pages
  • Separated the guide into 3 sections. One section for all the starting races up to 20, one section for 20-60 and one section for 60-70

Kopp is also offering level 1-20 of this guide for free! If you’ve ever been curious about how these guides look, this is an excellent chance to see it in action and try it for yourself. Gitr Knows WoW is an affiliate for Brian’s leveling guide – so we’re a bit biased on its quality. Don’t take our word – try it out yourself. For $35 you get the full guide, an in-game map mod that includes preset way points and notes for each quest, and a lifetime of free updates.

Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide

Ding 43! What to Kill? What to Kill?

Paladr’s quest log was full, and I have very little time nowadays (as evidenced by my last post date) to just play around, so it was time to get organized. I decided to attack the quest log systematically. One night, Phil and I were in the pirate cove in Tanaris to complete 4 quests. Another night, I was in Badlands killing everything 4-6 at a time or chain killing in a non-stop 2 on 1 effort until I dinged. Last night, it was the Elder Mistvale Gorillas in STV, including the waves of attacks to get Mokk’s brain. Solo. I’ve never seen that done, so I decided to see if it could be done. Oh, yeah, I also downed Shy-Rotam with Huntr along with the help of Lance’s Drowurden 70 warrior.

Since I’m still short on time, here is a snapshot of my playing. Feel free to ask questions. How ’bout that for efficiency? Don’t tell unless someone gives a darn.

Riding off into the sunset

6 on 1 Greater Rock Elementals

Boss Tho'grun and his posse

Andre Firebeard and Friends

Heart of Mokk

Ding 40!

Paladr wears platePaladr hit 40 just before 11:30 tonight. It was a pretty fast run from 60% at about 90 minutes. I knocked out quite a few STV quests in the process. Too many quests in the log make me go nuts and lose focus. I concentrated on staying in mostly high density areas to power grind and combined that with some drop quests like the crystals off the basilisks. It made for a pretty good combination and I flew to Grom’gol for the zeppelin to Undercity.

I hadn’t been to Silvermoon for about 20 levels, so I wasn’t even sure if there was a level 30 paladin quest, so I made sure to go there instead of using any old trainer. I didn’t see any quests from the usual suspects in SM City. Getting that over, I started going down the list of spells to train (actually, I started with wearing Plate Mail) and got to Summon Warhorse!Summon Warhorse Yes! Just what I’ve been waiting for. The next stop: Auction House.

I checked my bank and mailbox to make sure I didn’t have any plate armor sitting around that I’d forgotten about. My only disappointment of the night, armor-wise, is the lack of mats to craft some Truesilver Gauntlets. Too bad we don’t have a decent AH market on Velen. It’ll get there, but not fast enough for my gloves. I got all stacked up with various plate armor available to newbie 40s, which are insanely overpriced for the good armor because of everyone’s excitement to wear plate at level 40.

All in all I got Paladr’s armor up over 4k and his damage mitigation (yes, I can spell better than the crappy paladin guide up on the forums) rose to 51.48% the last time I looked. I didn’t get a chance to try out my new spells, but riding around the city on my new mount was fun enough for the evening.

Paladr's Warhorse

Ding 39; Grinding away kill/drop quests

Paladr hit 39 last night and frantically tried to level out his Blacksmithing to 300 using the simplest and cheapest methods possible, only to fall short of the next recipe level at the trainer. I think Paladr is at 272 and must need 275 to get the next round in Booty Bay.

I started investigating the specializations and decided to go with Armorsmith and was moderately disappointed to learn that I have to hit level 40 for those recipe quests to become available. I have stored up most of the crafted items used to receive those Ornate Mithril Armor pieces, which I am obviously eager to don at level 40 anyway. I have some nice stuff crafted already, but I can’t wait to see what kind of beating Paladr will take with plate armor.

Ding 38; Herod’s Shoulder + Ardent Custodian

Paladr at 38 with Ardent CustodianAfter running SM Library and Armory last night, Paladr dinged AOE grinding murlocs in STV this morning. Last night saw the much-drooled about Herod’s Shoulder, which I was the only person emminantly qualified to wear such an awesome piece of armor. At times, we had 7 mobs all over the place, with 5 of them generally hitting me. The mage had no concept of waiting for me to get some damage in before tossing a Fireball or Arcane Missles into the mix. At the beginning, the priest thought that she should be the one to pull, because of her range. “Hello! I have Mana Tap! Watch me pull… you stand back and keep me alive.” We had no combat-related deaths, but the shaman was unable to run out of the Library through the mass of repops. At least it was his idea to just run. 🙂 Here is how my run stacked up as a level 37 tankadin, leaving me one conclusion: I can tank, and I can heal. Those are my roles in-game. Luckily, Huntr just has to do damage, and his build and gear lets him do just that.

Damage Done

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