Ding 65!! Finally “Done” With Zangarmarsh

I think I’ve only got 2 boss quests left in all of Zangarmarsh, Coilfang Reservoir excluded. I’ve traipsed around Terokkar Forest quite a bit already, so it took about 1/3-1/2 of TF and most of Zangarmarsh to complete level 64. I’m sick of that place and looking forward to Nagrand, which I have already ventured to pick up the flight point for.

I got to disenchant an awful lot to rewards the last 2 days because they were all leather or plate stuff. That sucked, and I didn’t get any good shards.

Well, I’m really busy editing a book for a friend today before classes start, so I’d best get back to that.

Hopefully level 66 (Shadow Fiend) comes faster than the 22 hours for 65.  The AH was one big black hole for Deadr, although it did make his coffers bust out nicely.

Ding 50; Not Much Training

Huntr at 50I got Huntr to ding level 50 this morning in Tanaris and flew to Thunder Bluff to train, hit the AH, and restock on various items that are best done in a major city. Huntr has 4d 1h 50m /played time so far, and I couldn’t be happier with Joana’s Horde Guide. I mean, 4 days to level 50! One of my co-workers plays and he is really happy with his time to level 52. I asked him what it was and he said it was a little over 7 days. 🙂

Last night, I had an embarrassing self-moment. I was in my Spellbook and discovered that I had Beastial Wrath sitting there without a button on any of my bars. Now I know where Big Red Kitty gets his red look. /slap

Big Red Kitty - Huntr Style

I was quite disappointed with my trip to the trainer and the AH. There were only 3 spells that I wanted and NOTHING good up on the AH. There were only 3 pieces of mail armor between level 45-50. What a letdown. I’ll check it again when I come home before I hearth back to Gadgetzan to escort Tooga.

Level 49 DPSTomas was curious about my DPS. Here is what I was doing to the Thistleshrubs in Tanaris just moments before dinging this morning:

Ding 49; Almost Done with Feralas

Tiggr in Booty BayHuntr hit level 49 yesterday morning in Feralas with 3d 21h 43m /played time. I just tamed an Ironpatch bear with Claw Rank 7 to complete the rest of the quests until I hearth back to Camp Mojache to get Tiggr back out. With Hunter’s Mark on, I’m doing 101 dps ranged damage and my new bear is showing 62 dps as a Rebelious 1 pet at level 49.

I’m at 40% of the way through level 49, so maybe my wife will let me play to 50 today to wrap up a great week of leveling to concentrate on more important RL stuff. I’m working on editing a book and starting up something special WoW-related, so stay tuned for further details. I already have the name ready, and about 1/3 of the material, but I’m not going to release it before it’s good and ready.

Ding 48; Searing Gorge Is Rough

I came home yesterday and played for 30 minutes before taking a nap… until dinner time. I was tired from the stinking Devil Rays game the night before. We got home around 11:30 and two of my co-workers called in sick. I was tired and unmotivated without any company. So…

I dinged 48 with 3d 17h 41m /played time. This morning I went to Grom’gol to train my next level of Aspect of the Hawk to get an additional 20 AP. I think that was worth the 5 minute flight back to Searing Gorge.

Huntr in the quarry

My current problem is finding enough Taskmasters and Slavers to kill. I’ll also need to kill a ton of Steamsmiths to get the Smithing Tuyere, although I already have the Lookout’s Spylass that dropped after 2 kills.

Ding 47; Quest Log Is Busting Open

Full Quest LogI dinged last night after about 5 minutes with 3d 14h 57m /played time. Then it was party time to turn in all of the quests in my log. It was getting ridiculous, with quests all over Azeroth to turn in.

I made my way back to STV to continue several more quests after turning in about 10 of these. I am still missing one part of a 3 item quest for Maurey’s Clubbed Foot, I believe. I have a ring and something else, but I didn’t wait around long enough at one place for the item to drop. Luckily, there is another quest near there for tonight, so I’ll hearth back after I get the item to get the next leg of the quest.

I logged off this morning at 55% of the way through level 47 with barely over an hour of playing time and checked to see that I have over 120g on Velen to play around with. I am getting frustrated with Herbalism and may pick up Tailoring. The only thing stopping me from doing that is having two tailors when I transfer Deadr will be a waste.

What did you do last night?