Ding 53…racking up the quests, bags are full

I am constantly comparing what dropped to what is in my bags. I think there are a few things in the bags that were for quests that stayed in there when I turned them in. I need to research those.

I went to Felwood and turned in a quest and got salve for corrupted flowers. I met a 56 mage hunting the felpaw village residents by Timbermaw hold. We completed that quest and I ran to Winterspring again and got a quest to kill those guys for more rep and XP. After a while, a vial dropped, which I handed to the dwarf by the hot springs.

I still have more of them to kill for the guy on the other side of Timbermaw hold, but I’ll get some rest built up first. I’m halfway to Neutral.

I bought a Dreadmist Belt, and a Ring of Bitter Shadows which totally rock!

What happened to Deadr yesterday

Yesterday was quite a day for life, the universe, and everything. I stayed home sick from work with 2 main tasks for the day: demand an appointment with my Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist about my cold and to finally order some nasal spray that he prescribed that my health insurance doesn’t cover. The stuff must be $10,000/gallon for how much my bottle cost. Aside from that, I was going to play WoW and try to clear my stuffy head before the football game.

I started out in Felwood and got someone to join my queue for BRD while I was still in-flight. I started grinding the elementals to the north, up in the cave, and got up to 13% before I hearthed and took the zep to Grom’gol. I flew into Thorium Point with no problem, but they advised me that the horde should not fly there. Most horde, I was told, ride from Kargath around the South side of the quarry.

We had a pretty good group and took down names for our lists, and took down Inscendius, the bosses at the Bar, General Angerforge, and Golem Lord Argelmach. We wiped when we accidently clicked a prisoner that caused about 8 elites to storm the cell when we weren’t expecting it. I don’t think it was the guy for a jailbreak, but maybe it was. I was too sick to care.

After BRD, I asked Rhone to help me with the mountain in Un’Goro for It’s Dangerous to Go it Alone and to collect volcanic ash and to escort Ringo back to base. First off, the ash was the easiest. I had all 9 before we finally found Ringo or the path to get up to the top to fight the elite. That was an amazing fight! After 2 minutes, he knocked me back into the lava and killed me. I ran back to my body just in time to heal Rhone, who had him down to 25% by then. He was cussing up a storm, I’m sure…because I didn’t remember that I had a little thing that is supposed to make the fight easy. He said his DoTs were hitting for 23 damage!! On top of that, I didn’t touch the Heart of the Mountain! We have to do it again. YAY!

When I got back from my appointment, I went to Swamp of Sorrows and started the Fallen from Grace questline, but my computer kept locking up. I went into Searing Gorge and Blasted Lands. I got 2 Snickerfang Jowls and a Pincer so far. No one was bothering me, so I think this is where I’ll grind/quest to hit 53.

Ding 51, almost done with Linken quests

I got 9/11 claws and I got the Irontree heart after 3 kills. The Irontree hearts are supposed to be a 1.4% drop according to the databases. Nice turn of events for me. 🙂
I had the best Pug in forever in Mara and got good shoulders off Princess. I’ve updated my profile. This group rocked. It was a mage, shammy, druid, rogue, and me. All like-level, too. I got over 20%XP and got to 99% before we were done with the croc boss. I would have run again, but it was bedtime.

Questing makes the time pass, and makes XP easier

I completed 7 quests last night in Un’Goro, and got a really good jump on the Linken questline this morning. Last night, I started with 31% and 9K of rest. After flying to Un’Goro, I headed North to kill dinosaurs that were higher levels than me for more XP. I killed 15 Frenzied Pteradactyls, and a ton of the Elder Diametradons (sp?). In the process of that, I completed Rolling the Bones and Spizzle’s Flyer.

Then I headed around to get all of the Pylons, which were 3950XP each. Around the Western Pylon, I tromped off through Terror Run, which was VERY terrifying, to get the foodstuffs from the expedition quest. In all, last night, I ended with 63% and still had 1K of rest left for today.

This morning, I flew to Felwood and ran to Timbermaw Hold and talked to the questgiver there. I already had Unfriendly status, so I ran through the tunnel without incident. I went to the Hot Springs in Winterspring for the Linken quest, and then ran to Everlook for the flight point.

From there, I flew to Feralas to run to the Twin Colossals to continue the questline. I bought the bait from the camping guy, and got the plant he wanted. He gave me the elixir, and I hearthed to Org to fly to Winterspring. I gave that dwarf the elixir, and she sent me to the graveyard in Tanaris.

THAT was a funny quest. I drank the elixir and died on the spot. BAM! Deadr was dead. I ran North to the guy in the mountain and got back to my body. I clicked the gravestone, and needed to go to Un’Goro again, so I sat in the inn in Gadgetzan to rest while I’m at work. I should have 17K of rest tonight when I play, and I’m at 77% of level 50.