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Since Velen was down tonight, I got on Deadr and found out how poorly I play a priest now. Sheesh! They need to drink a LOT! Talk about down time. It was driving me nuts. Then again, I still never came remotely close to dying.

Ancient Crystal TalismanI completed the Feralfen quests in Zangarmarsh and got a great trinket upgrade: Ancient Crystal Talisman. It wasn’t quite a no-brainer, but close. I was tempted to get the bracers for my reward, but they were hardly worth not getting full Netherweave Cloth set for them. Besides, I think with the set bonus I would lose, they just didn’t cut it.

I ran to the North and killed Boss Grog’ak after it took him about 4 minutes to spawn exactly where he should. He didn’t call for any help and I wasted him in about 20 seconds.

After I turned that in, I got on Gitr for a few minutes, got frustrated with the UI while killing about 5 orc, and logged for the night.

It’s getting late now, so after setting this to post early in the morning, I leave you with Deadr resting at the inn:

Sitting on the inn

Ding 47; Quest Log Is Busting Open

Full Quest LogI dinged last night after about 5 minutes with 3d 14h 57m /played time. Then it was party time to turn in all of the quests in my log. It was getting ridiculous, with quests all over Azeroth to turn in.

I made my way back to STV to continue several more quests after turning in about 10 of these. I am still missing one part of a 3 item quest for Maurey’s Clubbed Foot, I believe. I have a ring and something else, but I didn’t wait around long enough at one place for the item to drop. Luckily, there is another quest near there for tonight, so I’ll hearth back after I get the item to get the next leg of the quest.

I logged off this morning at 55% of the way through level 47 with barely over an hour of playing time and checked to see that I have over 120g on Velen to play around with. I am getting frustrated with Herbalism and may pick up Tailoring. The only thing stopping me from doing that is having two tailors when I transfer Deadr will be a waste.

What did you do last night?

Ding 43; Almost Done with STV

Huntr at 43I completed Nessingwary’s hunter questline with the downing of King Bangalash, a level 43 Elite and his two level 33 (/cough /laugh) spawns. The reward bow was a complete joke compared to my current crossbow, so that was a bit of a letdown. I then hearthed to Booty Bay and turned in one more quest to get my ding with 3d 2h 12m of /played time.

King Bangalash DownI’m on my way to Thunder Bluff to turn in Frostmaw and hit the AH with almost 75g to spend if I need to.

On a slightly personal note, it will be a crazy week at work because I launched a new database for another department and I need to create all of the reports that my boss will undoubtedly request by Thursday. I’ll be checking for comments, but unable to reply to any until lunch.

Comment away about how your weekend went.

STV cliff

Ding 34; Done with Desolace

Huntr at 34I have finally left Desolace and moved on to greener pastures. Sort of. Knowing myself, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. I’ll get to my screw-up in chronological order, so we have some stuff to cover first. Oh, I can’t wait… /played time: 1d 22h 32m.

I absolutely love having a pet when it comes to collection quests. Ooops, I aggroed something. Here, take him, Catr. [Open/collect/destroy item] Run away from Catr. Call Catr to me with full health and focus. I did it 10 times while collecting the kodo bones in the Kodo Graveyard, which spawn level 37 apparitions.

I went to the Magram Village and killed about 60 centaurs to get 15 ears and pulled the ‘sic Catr on their butts’ trick again when I was getting the meat supplies for [tag]Martek the Exiled[/tag]. I hearthed to Shadowprey Village after I turned in my Eastern quests, went to the mailbox and loaded up on all the gear I sent with Bankr (including Underwater Breathing Potions) and swam North to get my last 2 clam meats.

As I swam back, I aimed where I thought I needed to go to get back to the village and went to the bedroom to get dressed for work, chatted with my wife for a minute, put in my contacts, and came back just as I was about 30 feet from the dock, near the shore, no less. Awesome!

I dinged as I turned in the first quest and put another point in Spirit Bond (2/2) for 2% health regen every 10 seconds. My points are all in Beastmaster, per BRK’s First 40 Points build. It’s nice to just unleash Catr and go to town with damage.

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Ding 23; Getting Forest Magic

I dinged 23 with Paladr last night and headed back to Stonetalon Mountains on my normal track using [tag]Joana’s Horde Guide[/tag]. It got my XP rolling again, so I’m happy that I’m still able to level like I should, though I’m thoroughly enjoying playing a healing tank. I’ve got my polearm skill maxed now and working on getting my 1H skills up again to use with my new shield. I’ve updated my profile, but I woke up late this morning and didn’t write down any of my new gear.

My happiest moment of the evening was right before I logged when I was mindlessly fighting Coursers (deer) on my way to Stonetalon Peak for a bunch of quests. First, a new Blue pike dropped off of one (sorry, check my bags for the name). It should sell for about 9g, putting me at 40g already. We discussed how many Blues have dropped. I said I’ve had about 6 drop so far with Paladr. I was mistaken, but it’s been 5 between Huntr and Paladr. I have such a hard time separating stuff like that, but at least I can separate what happens on which realms. 🙂

My second best moment last night was finally getting rid of those annoying buff bar/timers that are always appearing above my head, right over my target, when I engage them. It’s a mod called Chronometer, described as: timer bars for Skills, HoTs, DoTs and more. I HATE it. Well, at least I did before I knew what it was called to attempt to move it. I kind of do like its information, so maybe I’ll re-enable it tonight and move it below me.