Look Who’s Got Cataclysm Beta Access!

That would be ME! I just got an e-mail from Blizzard that I’ve been selected to beta test, FINALLY! It says I’ll see the client available for download within 24 hours. I can’t wait! I was so stinking jealous every expansion as I watched others get to play the beta while I could only read about it.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Looks like you’ll be getting updates more often now.

Installing WotLK – Staying Up As Late As I Can

wotlk_installHere it is, boys and girls! The big day has arrived.

I got to my local GameStop at 11:15 and there was a line of people up around 150. By the time we were all there, I’d say there were 200 present to go home happy campers and gamers. By campers, I mean those total losers who got their game 8 minutes before me. Yes, 8 minutes. Lord knows what time they got there, but I spent all of 53 minutes of my life getting my copy.

wotlk_install2The saddest thing I saw was a kid about 12 years old trying to be cool by being there at midnight. The problem: his 40-year-old mom wearing a man’s wife-beater and crop pajama pants and white Keds smoking and talking on the phone and going over to him every 5 minutes to check on him in line. What happened to bedtimes on a school night? He deserved every minute of embarassment for being out too late. Not like she couldn’t pick it up for him during school tomorrow.

WoWMatrix to Update Addons Since 3.0.2 Patch

Since WoWace.com stopped working and pissed me off to no end, I found an alternative and got my addons updated in about 3 minutes from discovery to WoW loading up. It’s available for Mac (Leopard and Tiger), Linux, and Windows for free! Can’t beat that, and now I can start playing again. I’m 24 hours behind and ready to catch up.

Flash Vulnerability for World of Warcraft

Breaking Flash vulnerability newsBlizzard is announcing via WorldofWarcraft.com site and the in-game login screen that there is a security vulnerability in some versions of Flash that affects WoW users. The upgrade was pretty quick and easy, so if you have administrator permissions, go ahead and get this taken care of before you join the thousands of hacked accounts. Here is the official word from Blizz:

A recent vulnerability has been discovered in popular web-content delivery program Adobe Flash, and it could potentially be used to target World of Warcraft players and accounts. The newest available version of Adobe Flash, version, does not contain this vulnerability, and we recommend that everyone upgrade their Flash player as soon as possible by visiting the Adobe.com download page at the link below.


In addition, to avoid exploitation of this vulnerability, we have temporarily disabled the ability to post hyperlinks in our forums. Any links will need to be copied and pasted into a browser. We’ll continue to evaluate any potential security threats and take any steps necessary to ensure a safe and fun environment.

For more information on this issue, you can read the announcements from the Adobe security team concerning the threat at the links below.


Go upgrade and play safe.