Look Who’s Got Cataclysm Beta Access!

That would be ME! I just got an e-mail from Blizzard that I’ve been selected to beta test, FINALLY! It says I’ll see the client available for download within 24 hours. I can’t wait! I was so stinking jealous every expansion as I watched others get to play the beta while I could only read about it.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Looks like you’ll be getting updates more often now.

Back to Playing Again

grimr-71Hey, gang! I know I’ve been out of commission for quite a while now, but I sort of had to grab life by the horns after starting my business and decide whether it was better to play after my wife went to bed or try to continue building the business/making money. Keeping our heads above water won, and taking 17 hours at the University of South Florida took up the rest of my time.

But…. it’s Christmas break for 5 weeks!!

I’ve been playing Grimr this week and he hit 71 just a few minutes ago. I really can’t wait to see what kind of damage he will do as a newly-minted level 80 toon if I can pound out 80 hours of playing by January 5th. I’m using Kopp’s guide because I don’t want to waste any time since my time is so precious nowadays and I’ve already done the 70-80 journey with Protectr to see the Alliance path. I’m just ready to get Grimr up there and see if I have the patience to get Gitr up there with the lousy leveling that is the life of a warrior who can’t heal and is buddy-less.

You’ve Got to be Friggin’ Kidding Me! 1200 in the Queue?

I played forever last night until 3:30am and got one some more after work. No harm in eating dinner, doing some chores, and watching Kitchen Nightmares with the wife, right? Ha!


After a couple of minutes, it gave me an estimate of 43 minutes with 1143 left to go. I started writign this post and came back to a 78 minute wait! Forget it… I headed on over to another realm, such as the sunny pastures of Velen to play Deadr, who has been stagnant for a year at 67 up in Netherstorm. Time to take him across on the zep to see what life is like as a horde in Northrend. I’ve got my SpartanUI all reconfigured for him and his talents back in place, with a few tweaks since I have no idea how to play a priest any more.

Installing WotLK – Staying Up As Late As I Can

wotlk_installHere it is, boys and girls! The big day has arrived.

I got to my local GameStop at 11:15 and there was a line of people up around 150. By the time we were all there, I’d say there were 200 present to go home happy campers and gamers. By campers, I mean those total losers who got their game 8 minutes before me. Yes, 8 minutes. Lord knows what time they got there, but I spent all of 53 minutes of my life getting my copy.

wotlk_install2The saddest thing I saw was a kid about 12 years old trying to be cool by being there at midnight. The problem: his 40-year-old mom wearing a man’s wife-beater and crop pajama pants and white Keds smoking and talking on the phone and going over to him every 5 minutes to check on him in line. What happened to bedtimes on a school night? He deserved every minute of embarassment for being out too late. Not like she couldn’t pick it up for him during school tomorrow.

WoWMatrix to Update Addons Since 3.0.2 Patch

Since WoWace.com stopped working and pissed me off to no end, I found an alternative and got my addons updated in about 3 minutes from discovery to WoW loading up. It’s available for Mac (Leopard and Tiger), Linux, and Windows for free! Can’t beat that, and now I can start playing again. I’m 24 hours behind and ready to catch up.