It’s Patch Day – US Realms Offline

Patch Day!I woke up too late this morning (well, after my shower) to get in an nab some last minute bid auctions. I’m pretty pumped about the patch. This is the day we’ve been waiting for. I have my lowbie alts in Orgrimmar for a quick flight to Duskwallow Marsh and can’t wait for tonight’s class at university to end so I can get home and log in.

Growl will be bringing you more stuff shortly, so be sure to check in later, if you can make yourself stop trying to log in to your account.

2.3 – The Patch We’ve All Been Anticipating

Patch 2.3It’s coming tomorrow morning, and I personally can’t wait until 10pm to get to play. Right… gaming life sucks when you go straight from work to a 3 hour night class, but what am I going to do? Last week, I caught the Background Downloader grabbing the patch for me and I’ve since been mulling about what I’m most looking forward to.

Being an alt-aholic like Growl and Kinless, not to mention 60-less PhiLogical, I’m very much mainly interested in the improved leveling for sub-60s. Then there is the newly added guild bank, which has my mules and the guild banker happy about. Oh, and the nixing the gossip pane on the flight masters and bankers. Doh! What am I most looking forward to? I’ve got a brand new druid (level 5 after 1 hour) because I couldn’t resist the alt-itch again and a 44 paladin going for 60 by Christmas. Depending on how much the patch improves leveling, I may succumb to starting an all new frost mage again.

According to the PTR patch notes that Blizzard has up right now, there is a lot to look forward to. Oh yeah! I almost forgot the hunter dead zone is going away, too. Tuesday night is going to be a fun night! The list is seriously too long to put up here without looking like news regurgitating, so go check out the list and chime in on what you want most.

Ding 43! What to Kill? What to Kill?

Paladr’s quest log was full, and I have very little time nowadays (as evidenced by my last post date) to just play around, so it was time to get organized. I decided to attack the quest log systematically. One night, Phil and I were in the pirate cove in Tanaris to complete 4 quests. Another night, I was in Badlands killing everything 4-6 at a time or chain killing in a non-stop 2 on 1 effort until I dinged. Last night, it was the Elder Mistvale Gorillas in STV, including the waves of attacks to get Mokk’s brain. Solo. I’ve never seen that done, so I decided to see if it could be done. Oh, yeah, I also downed Shy-Rotam with Huntr along with the help of Lance’s Drowurden 70 warrior.

Since I’m still short on time, here is a snapshot of my playing. Feel free to ask questions. How ’bout that for efficiency? Don’t tell unless someone gives a darn.

Riding off into the sunset

6 on 1 Greater Rock Elementals

Boss Tho'grun and his posse

Andre Firebeard and Friends

Heart of Mokk

Name That Epic; I Must Be Pitiful

Paladr's new toyI crapped myself today. I was a tad embarrassed, but I got over it. Story time…

Thursday when I was done with all of my graphics stuff for the new theme, I started looking [read: drooling] over epics at or around level 40 that would go along with my being a tankadin.

I eventually found a nice shield that made up for the one Horde can’t get from an easy Badlands quest. I was quite pissed about that inequality, so I began drooling over an epic that appeared in the Armory upgrade search: The Green Tower. Anyone look at this one before? Wow! I can’t wait to get smacked by 7 things at once now. I still have yet to get ganged up since I got my plate gear, so I think it’s time to go after some spiders in Duskwallow Marsh.

Soooo… I was on the AH and confirmed that I still couldn’t craft what I wanted, buy what I wanted, or sell what I wanted. as far as armor goes. Moving on down to shields, up pops the Green Tower for 100g and a confirmed Auctioneer average of 119g on Velen. Um… hold on, Punitor, brb. Deadr has to buy me something. I can’t believe I was so happy about a little purple thing made up of ones and zeroes, but I was.

Have you ever had an epic weapon and shield pre-60 at the same time? Me neither.

Ding 40!

Paladr wears platePaladr hit 40 just before 11:30 tonight. It was a pretty fast run from 60% at about 90 minutes. I knocked out quite a few STV quests in the process. Too many quests in the log make me go nuts and lose focus. I concentrated on staying in mostly high density areas to power grind and combined that with some drop quests like the crystals off the basilisks. It made for a pretty good combination and I flew to Grom’gol for the zeppelin to Undercity.

I hadn’t been to Silvermoon for about 20 levels, so I wasn’t even sure if there was a level 30 paladin quest, so I made sure to go there instead of using any old trainer. I didn’t see any quests from the usual suspects in SM City. Getting that over, I started going down the list of spells to train (actually, I started with wearing Plate Mail) and got to Summon Warhorse!Summon Warhorse Yes! Just what I’ve been waiting for. The next stop: Auction House.

I checked my bank and mailbox to make sure I didn’t have any plate armor sitting around that I’d forgotten about. My only disappointment of the night, armor-wise, is the lack of mats to craft some Truesilver Gauntlets. Too bad we don’t have a decent AH market on Velen. It’ll get there, but not fast enough for my gloves. I got all stacked up with various plate armor available to newbie 40s, which are insanely overpriced for the good armor because of everyone’s excitement to wear plate at level 40.

All in all I got Paladr’s armor up over 4k and his damage mitigation (yes, I can spell better than the crappy paladin guide up on the forums) rose to 51.48% the last time I looked. I didn’t get a chance to try out my new spells, but riding around the city on my new mount was fun enough for the evening.

Paladr's Warhorse