Remembering My Epics

I was thinking about the gear I used with Paladr – particularly the number of epics he had pre-50. The difference with Protectr leveling without a single epic has been unnoticeable, though. So, why do we bother?

On Silvermoon, the same epics I had on Velen cost a minimum of 250g, and upward of 650g. Insanity! I’m not paying that much for 5 levels of use. Oh, sure, sometimes you come across an epic or even a rare piece that lasts 10 levels due to its extra-special stats that make it worth passing up tons of other pieces of higher levels.

So, let’s set the stage:

You have level 70s who are doing dailies for easy gold, but you are busy leveling your lowbie, so your balance usually hangs around 40-100g. How much is too much to spend on an epic?

Preferred Methods of Improving Your Gear, Sub-70

Since all of my toons are still sub-70s, none of them are eligible for the best crafted items or the heroic/end-game instance loot yet. That still leaves me with several options for getting better gear than the standard quest rewards. Let’s begin, shall we? Then we’ll discuss what is best.

  • Outlands provides a cornucopia of group quests at the end of long questlines that often reward you with blue, even some socketed, gear that is far superior to the regular AH greens.
  • PvP is an option all the way through the levels, with varying degrees of reward value. You could arguably save up all of your BG marks for level 70 and get some working man’s epics right out of the gate.
  • Rep rewards offer blues for Honored/Revered status throughout Outlands. The Hellfire Peninsula rewards for Honored will hold you over for several levels, so check out what the later rewards will get you and whether they are worth it to you, since those 5-mans only take 2 hours with a PuG or 30-60 minutes with well-geared guildies.
  • Lastly, who can resist socketed blue gear from the 5-man instances that you will need to master in order to do them in Heroic mode anyway? There is some dang fine gear in there that puts the old Tier 0.5 junk to shame.

Personally, I’ve been indulging myself in as many quests as possible and running them all the way to the final Elite group quests. When I have a bucketfull of them, I look for someone in the area or hop on the guild chat or LFG channel to knock a few out for massive XP and shiny rewards. Some faction quests take you to instances for super rewards, starting in Ramparts onward.

On the nights that I have the time and patience, I run the instances for Rep, XP, and loot… all in one. You should be able to get 15-20g, another 20-40g in greens and vendor trashing, and a considerable amount of rep if you haven’t done all of the quests in the zone yet.

My personal favorite when I wasn’t leveling as fast was to play the AH a tad harder than normal and just buy my way into blue and purple gear. I’m making about 150g per day by questing, vendor trashing, herbing, and selling greens on the AH. I haven’t even been playing the AH because I hate Auctioneer Advanced for that, so I’m going back to the regular version to play for my flying mount coming up in 26 bars.

OMG! 132% until 70! /shudder

The Blood Elf Bandit Mask

Blood Elf Bandit MaskThese silly things are pretty awesome looking. They are non-binding bits of vanity gear that drop off of rarely found, stealthed blood elf bandits on Azuremyst Isle. Unlike the plain red defias bandit masks that drop off of brotherhood rogues in Westfall, the Blood Elf Bandit Mask is not class specific, anyone can wear one! Alliance players that are patient enough to hunt down these stealthed level 7 blood elf bandits on Azuremyst Isle have a fairly decent chance of getting one. For those of you that don’t know, Azuremyst Isle and the Exodar are only a quick boat ride from Auberdine. Horde players are going to have a tougher time of it. High level Horde rogues and druids can easily stealth their way onto the boat. So if you have a higher level horde main (preferably with an epic mount) you can show up on Azuremyst unscathed and spend your next hour or more tearing around the island hunting these guys.

For lower level Horde characters intent on acquiring a mask – be prepared for either a looong ghost run from the Barrens or Ashenvale – or – you can make your way to Auberdine and let yourself get killed near (or on) the Azuremyst Boat. You’ll likely get murdered again once you get off the boat – so make sure to be doing this little jaunt ‘sans-gear’ or you’ll have a repair bill to go along with what could be hours of fruitless searching.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Auberdine or which boat goes where. Simply find the inn and check out the pier. There are two boats that have historically docked here. About halfway out the pier is a ‘t’ junction – where the boats to Menethil Harbor and Ruth’theran Village have always docked. The newest boat arrives at the far end of the pier (there are signs – try to look for them if you’re running from the Auberdine guards!)

How to Find Them

There are a number of known spawn points that ring the island. With a high level main and an epic mount, you can cover a lot of ground quickly. Everyone else – best bet is to pick a region and camp the spawn points. Re-pop time on these guys is somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes – with the next bandit appearing at a new location after the last is killed.

Click on the map to see known spawn points and a suggested route to take to find these guys

Azuremyst Isle

Hordies that aren’t uber leveled are suggested to take an alternate routes anytime the path crosses too close to the Exodar 🙂

A simple macro can also help snuffle these guys out. Just create a new macro and type the following:

/target Blood Elf

Put that on an action bar somewhere and just spam the crap out of it as you race around Azuremyst Isle. If you manage to find one this way – stop immediately and start searching in a tight circular pattern until you either see his stealthed figure – or he ambushes you. Either works.

Anyway – I hope this has been entertaining and helpful. For those of you that are hard to teach or resistant to helpful tips – here are a few that I can’t stress enough.

1. These guys are on Azuremyst Isle – not Bloodmyst Isle
2. A mask won’t drop with every kill
3 Others are hunting these guys at the same time you are.
4. This might take minutes…it might take hours.

I killed elves on Bloodmyst Isle for over an hour one night thinking that the masks randomly dropped off the packs of blood elves camped behind Blood Watch. I gained a level in that time and gathered stacks of cloth – but no mask. A little google searching and some patience would have saved me that trouble.

I’ve Got One..Now What?

Wear it dummy! Give it to a friend – give it to a favorite 10-19 battleground twink! Or do like a lot of other folks are doing and sell that bad dog. Prices are variable these days so selling them is still a bit of a hit and miss thing. WoW Econ is showing historical prices on the Alliance side to be running around a 10G average over the month of November, 2007 – though your server economy will dictate. Back in the early days of the Burning Crusade, these cheese-cloth wonders would fetch as much as 25-50G. The fervor has died down somewhat, but you can still make a tidy sum selling to folks willing to pay well for RP clothes or who simply want a unique look on their latest alt.

Matching Robe?

According to some folks – there is another drop available on Azuremyst that makes a great compliment to the mask. The Silvermoon Robe Family are a fairly nice couple of cloth robes that would make any level ALT level 13-20 feel like the best dressed toon in Azeroth. The robe usually drops off of Fenissa the Assassin (rare mob) who can be found around the Vector Coil or Cryo Core (she stays stealthed, but you can usually find her fairly easily.)

Growl’s Experience Hunting The Mask

Growl has managed to nab 4 of these things. I haven’t managed to find one dropping in any one location more than I have the other – so I can’t recommend choice hunting spots. The best bet is to keep an eye out around the marked spawn locations and hope you get lucky. The drop rate isn’t spectacular – but it isn’t bad either. The real problem is finding the bloody belf where ever he happens to be on the map. I’ve circumnavigated Azuremyst for an hour straight and not seen the blighter before. Other times – I’ve had him start stabbing me in the kidneys when I least expected it. As usual with most rare drops and rare spawn in the game – your mileage may vary – and vary wildly.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Name That Epic; I Must Be Pitiful

Paladr's new toyI crapped myself today. I was a tad embarrassed, but I got over it. Story time…

Thursday when I was done with all of my graphics stuff for the new theme, I started looking [read: drooling] over epics at or around level 40 that would go along with my being a tankadin.

I eventually found a nice shield that made up for the one Horde can’t get from an easy Badlands quest. I was quite pissed about that inequality, so I began drooling over an epic that appeared in the Armory upgrade search: The Green Tower. Anyone look at this one before? Wow! I can’t wait to get smacked by 7 things at once now. I still have yet to get ganged up since I got my plate gear, so I think it’s time to go after some spiders in Duskwallow Marsh.

Soooo… I was on the AH and confirmed that I still couldn’t craft what I wanted, buy what I wanted, or sell what I wanted. as far as armor goes. Moving on down to shields, up pops the Green Tower for 100g and a confirmed Auctioneer average of 119g on Velen. Um… hold on, Punitor, brb. Deadr has to buy me something. I can’t believe I was so happy about a little purple thing made up of ones and zeroes, but I was.

Have you ever had an epic weapon and shield pre-60 at the same time? Me neither.

Ding 38; Herod’s Shoulder + Ardent Custodian

Paladr at 38 with Ardent CustodianAfter running SM Library and Armory last night, Paladr dinged AOE grinding murlocs in STV this morning. Last night saw the much-drooled about Herod’s Shoulder, which I was the only person emminantly qualified to wear such an awesome piece of armor. At times, we had 7 mobs all over the place, with 5 of them generally hitting me. The mage had no concept of waiting for me to get some damage in before tossing a Fireball or Arcane Missles into the mix. At the beginning, the priest thought that she should be the one to pull, because of her range. “Hello! I have Mana Tap! Watch me pull… you stand back and keep me alive.” We had no combat-related deaths, but the shaman was unable to run out of the Library through the mass of repops. At least it was his idea to just run. 🙂 Here is how my run stacked up as a level 37 tankadin, leaving me one conclusion: I can tank, and I can heal. Those are my roles in-game. Luckily, Huntr just has to do damage, and his build and gear lets him do just that.

Damage Done

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