Brewfest Is Underway, and Paladr Joined In

Brewfest outside Orgrimmar

I upped my graphics last night for some anti-aliasing 2xQ on my ancient nVidia 5500. It slowed things down to about 8 fps, but I got nicer screenshots last night and object seem to “pop” a bit more.

We went to Orgrimmar to run around doing some Brewfest festivities (I keep trying to call it “Beerfest”) and see if this new generation of festivals catches my interest more than the others. I don’t have a single item from any rep/ticket hording (pun intended).

We did the first ram run to get the deliveries from the road to Razor Hill, but I ran out of time doing the Dhrone’s Barking ram run. I got to all 4 flags and the timer ran out just outside the entrance to Org. I figured out a better path to take and should get it tonight.

Paladr with a Scarlet BeltFor some PvP fun, as I ran out of Org, an Alliance 35 Warrior flagged me for a duel. I darn near had him several time. I swear he popped a potion because a warrior should not be able to regen health that fast. I had him down to 10% a couple of times. Dishonorable warriors are the worst.

We bought a Scarlet Belt off the AH last night and got a hankering for doing some SM runs with the guildies, even if we won’t finish it or need to fill out with a PuG. Lance, Phil? You in? I need more Scarlet gear, guys. I’m sure we can handle the Graveyard, and I think we can get a decent amount into the Armory with a main healer. I can stinking tank anything right now, as long as I can keep my health up, which is a tad hard when taking so many hits. WTB a Priest or Shaman. 🙂

Ding 61; Already Ran Hellfire Ramparts

I’ll roll this all into one for you today. I get to pick up my first pair of new glasses in 7 years today. I’m done with contacts for now – pretty much only for outdoor activities where glasses will be a nuisance.

Watchkeeper Gargolmar Is DeadI got Huntr into Hellfire Ramparts Sunday night. I’ve added a paladin a level or two above me to my Friends list because he’s always going when I’m in the queue. We ended up with a 64 hunter, 63 paladin, 63 rogue, and a 70 shaman to tank. Our only death was when the paladin pulled one of the guys leading up to the spiral ramp when we were sneaking by after downing Watchkeeper Gargolmar. We ended up taking on 7 at one time, but came out okay with no healer after 30 seconds. 🙂 TWO Beastmasters FTW!

Omor the Unscarred, Scarred

I was so excited when the last boss fell, I forgot to take screenshots because they both went down sooo easily compared to the others and from my past experiences in Ramparts. Hunter is sooo much fun.

Gauntlets of PurificationI dinged 61 Monday morning before work. It opened up a bunch of new questgivers that had gray exclamation marks over their heads. Last night I blasted through about 20 quests and got another blue drop: Gauntlets of Purification. I debated amongst my toons and decided to not hold on to them until Paladr hits 61. I’m cashing out on them now while the getting is good. That’s two rare drops in one week.

What have you been up to on your realms? It’s a good time to catch up on your toons around the world. Feel free to post your Armory links and latest blog posts in the comments and we’ll have a big free-for-all sharing session about what’s the latest with the Gitr readers.

Huntr’s First Outland Blue

Huntr was grinding away on a kill quest when a Shattered Hand Orc dropped him a present: Storm Lord’s Girdle. It sucks for Hunters, but it sells nicely for about 11g on Velen. No matter. I was happy to get a blue.

I’ve spent a total of 4 hours in the LFG for Ramparts and not gone to go yet. I’m tired of waiting, so I’ve continued questing rather than not play. I really need 3 other guildies over level 60. Tomas and I chatted today. We’ll see what we can do about that situation. Mindkiller? Any other takers? Velen is now available for transfers. Calling all Buttered Monkeys back to Velen.

Ding 57; Outland Gear Again

Huntr at 57Although much more sparse, Huntr has started to don Outland gear that drops from Hellfire Ramparts and will be joining those battles very very soon, hitting Level 57 with 6d 4h 53m /played time. Last night, I killed High Chief Winterfall (59 Elite) in an uber solo battle on my first try. I’m going to complete Linken’s questline, for sure, before I enter Outlands.

I will probably be able to level out without too much time spent in the dreaded Eastern Plaguelands, but we’ll have to see how Winterspring and Silithus play out.

Ding 53; Can’t Stop Fishing

Well, I’ve taken quite a break on leveling lately. I just couldn’t get into the “grind” of questing this week. I’ve been too busy cooking and fishing. I have been looking at Nat Pagel’s fishing rod in my bags for weeks and finally got fed up with my cooking skills to the point where I did something about it.

I’ve got my Cooking up to 285 and my Fishing up to 162. I can fish up in NE Ashzara with the right lures, so that’s cool to be able to fish where I can kill things for XP.

This morning I dinged 53 with 5d 3h 6m /played time and put my third point in MM with 3/5 Lethal Shots (thanks Excaliber).

Fishing on a boat

I’m going to log in now and see about catching some rare fish for the STV Fishing Extravaganza, even though I’m not high enough skill to turn in the reward for winning. I’ll put up pictures later.

Class is out until the 28th when I take on two English courses (Technical Writing and Modern Novel) to round out my very full life. I’m waiting very impatiently for my grade to post from Thursday’s final class.