DPS Holy Priest Build Is Amazing

I found an article that really has my interest because of my newfound obsession with talent builds. Talent builds used to bore the crap out of me when I was a warrior. I didn’t want to go Protection because I wasn’t interested in competing with our GM for main tank duty. His gear was better and I wasn’t going to catch up any time soon. If it had STR, STA, or AGI, I wanted the piece. If the talent point said “damage” or “crit,” I wanted to spend the point.

Now that I am a priest, it seems like there are a lot more options, and even one that I had never considered before reading this article on a DPS Holy build. WoW Insider has been rocking my world recently with new in-game concepts that I was unaware of, despite my constant surfing. Maybe I should play more and surf less, but I do have a job. ­čÖé

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WoW’s Greatest Little Items You Have Never Heard Of

Thanks to Noggaddicts’ post on Overpowered white items of epic greatness!, I have got to put my 2 cents in on these goods. I am a big fan of powerful items, and these actually turn out to be pretty cheap when you consider how much money mobs are dropping and how much the quest turn-ins are getting. I have earned over 25g with Gitr in under 5 hours of just playing. I haven’t been farming or selling on the AH. It’s all been Vendor Trashed or equipped.

Here are the items I am going to get, for sure:

Stone of Stupendous Springing Strides “A simple stone that grants the wearer the ability to bound over obstacles and across small gaps!”

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What to Do About Gear at This Point?

Deadr will be able to craft/wear several pieces of armor that he has really been looking forward to getting at level 57, but with the Outlands just one level after that, would that be crazy? I picked up Tailoring with the whole intent being to craft the Truefaith Vestments and Chromatic Cloak. What do you say?

I have made a minor change to the sidebar on my template for individual pages. Please head over to either my About page or my Priest Set page to see if you like the change and think it should go on the other templates. Thanks.

Edit: Aeigelus posted his 60-70 experience today: My Journey to 70

Three More Quest Rewards in Hellfire

Gitr went to Blasted Lands after Oz gently reminded me that the Servants are great weapon levelers. I went and did just that, afte flying to Stormwind to sell off some Major Mana potions and to buy another dagger and some bandages.

Bandages are on the cheap now because everyone is making them to level their First Aid to use the Netherweave Cloth┬áto make┬ábandages. I logged last night with 7 cloth and got some more this morning. I’ll store them in the bank until I level up my First Aid. I just wish Deadr could send Gitr all of the Runecloth he’s getting from mobs.

I got a cheap level 37 dagger to equip in both hands for maximum skill learning, 20 Heavy Runecloth Bandages, and headed back to whack the Servant. [Read more…]