Gitr’s New Duds, Many Bombing Runs

I LOVE bombing runs! They are so fun. One of them is repeatable. I finished 3-4 quests and got 2 new usable plate armor: chest and helm, making 3 pieces for the expansion so far.

I’m going to post this pic tonight and finish up tomorrow morning. Enjoy!

TBC Greens Are Better Than Your Blues

If there is one reason to buy the expansion, then let me just say the loot is awesome! Forget that you can level up. Forget new dungeons. Spend a few hours doing quests and then go back and play your old dungeons with new vigor. Not that you will want to go back there or forget about leveling or playing new instances, but you do have that option. 🙂 

I haven’t quite finished processing the graphics yet, but I finished 2 quests this morning before work. In both cases, the reward was better than Strat/Scholo/UBRS/LBRS blues. How many of us ran UBRS 70 times trying to get the Dal’Rend set, or the chestpiece from Drakk?

This loot is disgusting (* denotes what I chose): [Read more…]

Deadr’s New Gear/Loot

It has been quite a week of loot dropping and quest rewards, so aside from the ones that I have already Vendor Trashed, here are my conquests:

Rod of Corrosion
Wizard’s Hand of Intellect
Arachnidian Pauldrons of the Owl
Rotgrip Mantle
Serpentskin Spaulders
Gaea’s Raiment of Shadow Wrath
Vestments of the Atal’ai Prophet
Devout Bracers
Rainstrider Leggings
Archaeologist’s Quarry Boots
Blessed Prayer Beads
Chained Essence of Eranikus