Paladr Gets a Blood-Tempered Ranseur

Thanks to the help of first Ravenkiller, and then Nynave joining us, Paladr got all of the mats for the [tag]Blood-Tempered Ranseur[/tag]. I must say it is heavy and swings like a monster. It may have lower dps than my sword, but the stats make it a true paladin weapon of finery.

Blood-filled orb in RFC

Raven and I started out by doing Ragefire Chasm by ourselves and taking down what appears to be Omen’s little brother, Zelemar the Wrathful. No one really gave up much of a fight in RFC, but I will admit we almost died a few times because of the number of adds we got from spawning patrols. We took down 6 level 15-16 elites in one prolonged fight. [Read more…]

Ding 21; Very Hectic Week

It was a very crazy weekend after my wife’s alternator gave out again. Combine that with the garage sale, shopping for her new work clothes, getting some R&R at the pool, and stuff, that made for a very busy weekend.

In-game, I got Paladr to 18 before we went into The Deadmines and rocked that joint. Naturally, the Deathroom that was the goblin engineering room got us a time or two, but it was smooth sailing after that. Of course, dinging 19 helped a tad. I got upgrades of nearly every piece of armor, plus a sword.

I hit 21 this morning and Paladr is on his way to Sunrock Retreat. He got Dar’Khan before leaving Ghostlands Sunday morning, putting him at Exalted with Tranquillien. I love getting a nice blue weapon in the starting area. 🙂 Not to mention the Exalted cloak.

Paladr is no longer going for a record pace after taking forever to do DM, but he is still scooting along at a far better than average gallop. His level 20 was 15h 25m. I’m going to enjoy playing a pally, and will still follow the guide’s track on quests, but experience all of the Paladin stuff, such as forging the weapon for the level 20 questline reward.

I have a ton of screenshots from the weekend, but a very hectic week coming up. I just got into the office, so we’ll see if nothing is happening. If we’re dead today, I’ll put them up and write more posts. If not, I’m sorry, but work is work.

Successful SFK Run #1

We ran SFK Sunday afternoon like a group of pros, clearing it in 58 minutes with NO HEALERS. There were 2 deaths, and I was a tad overpowered at level 30, but I was very surprised we didn’t have more deaths in massive pulls that sometimes took 2 minutes for the action to die down.

This screenshot was taken after taking out 4 mobs and 3 pats. It was quite a “good grief” moment.

We had a group of 1 hunter, 1 mage, 1 warlock, and 2 rogues. All-out dps, basically, with the advantage of 2 pet tanks. It would have taken much longer to run it if I stuck around and skinned, as pretty much everything in SFK is skinnable.

Astranon got his Robes of Arugal and says that they fit quite nicely.

A New Twist On Old Content

We’ve all been hearing in podcasts and reading on the forums and blogs about how people starting to play the game today will never see the old level 60 content unless they make them harder and update the loot tables to present end-game lewt.

I have a new twist on it today. Granted, there isn’t a toon out there that can solo MC/BWL/Naxx…yet. But what about in 1, 2, or 3 expansions? Will a level 80 decked out in Tier 8 be able to do that? I think so. I would think that a Gruul’s Lair geared Warrior, Pally, Druid, or Mage would be able to take on Dire Maul, though I’m not sure about anything higher than that. The Baron and Co. might still pose a problem for one toon.

That’s It! Time to Bust Out Deadr Again!

I’ve been spending all day on my new favorite site: I found it to be unblocked by our firewall so far */crosses fingers* and have been looking up as much as possible on rep, loot, and quests. After I get Bloodr to 28 tonight (after about 30 minutes of satyr slaying in Ashenvale) I will put her away for the time being, except for guild events.

Why the sudden and drastic single-mindedness? Glad you asked. Allow me to get you excited, too. [Read more…]