DING ..::60::..

It’s over!! The long, hard-fought battle to 60 has been won. I was determined to level Gitr today because he had all rest, a good grinding zone in WP, and lots of bandages. It officially took 16 days, 11 hours, 58 minutes to reach 60. I hate to think of all the time wasted in AH scanning or waiting around for a portal or flying to the wrong places, but this is the final tally, and I hear it’s pretty solid for your first 60.

After that, I went on the guild ZG run. We had 6 warriors and 3 pallys! It was amazing what you can do with so many tanks. The quote of the night was:

“Oh, look. Someone’s over there tanking in the bushes.”

We eventually stopped sheeping and sleeping because we could put tanks on everything. When we came to the blood drinkers, we spaced them out with a tank on each, healed those tanks, and ranged took them down one by one. It was hilarious. With 3 druids, 3 priests, and 3 pallys, you can heal an awful lot, too.

Our hit list included:


We took both Venoxis and Mandokir on our first tries. There were even some who’d never been to ZG, and me, who’d never been to see Mandokir. In addition, I was on the phone with my girlfriend when they were giving TS commands and head’s up on what Mandokir does. All I got was what was typed in /raid chat. LOL.

We tried three times to get the 3 boss-set of Thekar’s gang. Either we didn’t have enough people, the wrong mix, or we just don’t understand how to take them down. It was by far the hardest fight I’ve ever seen or been in. We’ll get him next time.

The rest of the story …

This is going to be long, and it’s a busy day at work, but I’ll try to get it all up here. I’ll post in segments, so keep checking back if you want the whole story.

I logged in about 4:30 after the servers took forever to come back online. Why http://worldofwarcraft.com goes down too, I’ll never know. I invited Darias of Serenity, Winslow, Buckeyefan (who later logged in Homerjay), and Tritin.

While waiting for Winslow to log in, I got help from Buckeye and Darias to finish my Obsidian quest by the dying architect. They wouldn’t go down with two of us, to it took until we had all three. After repairing from my 3 deaths, we headed to BRD and just then Winslow logged in. He had a VERY good excuse, though. The server time is different for him. It was no problem for me, really, because I got that quest done.

When we got to the highway, chaos ensued…

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