Ding 39; Grinding away kill/drop quests

Paladr hit 39 last night and frantically tried to level out his Blacksmithing to 300 using the simplest and cheapest methods possible, only to fall short of the next recipe level at the trainer. I think Paladr is at 272 and must need 275 to get the next round in Booty Bay.

I started investigating the specializations and decided to go with Armorsmith and was moderately disappointed to learn that I have to hit level 40 for those recipe quests to become available. I have stored up most of the crafted items used to receive those Ornate Mithril Armor pieces, which I am obviously eager to don at level 40 anyway. I have some nice stuff crafted already, but I can’t wait to see what kind of beating Paladr will take with plate armor.

Ding 27; Blacksmithing up to 225/225

I dinged last night with the help of Punitor running some tough-to-do quests as a paladin. I got Steelsnap and the 30 Elite gizmo tiger and the 10 eggs before logging.

I got my blacksmithing up to 225 and topped it off until level 35. I think I’ll start recruiting 60+s before I head back onto Huntr for long-term leveling. I’d like to get Paladr to 35 to craft Huntr great gear and for money-making. That will give me a 350+ Tailor, Enchanter, Blacksmith, and 2 First Aids at 375. Oh, and Huntr’s cooking is around 330.

Time to get back to work now that I restored the blog, sans plug-ins.

Ding 62; Found a New Webgame – Duels

I dinged 62 last night after getting my giddy-up to level out for the evening. I got about 40% of the level done in one sitting by doing Zangarmarsh quests with full rest. Notable kill: Boglash went down with Tiggr still having 62% health and Huntr with 40% mana. Woot. Deadr couldn’t solo him until 64, if my memory serves me right.

Paladr hit 150 Blacksmithing in pursuit of using the Mithril Spike plans he got in SM on Wednesday night. Metal is a bit hard to find on the AH in Velen, but I’ll manage. I’m making things I almost find useful now.


I’m sure some of you have heard of Duels already. DM Osbon pointed me to it on Monday. I didn’t get a chance to register until yesterday morning and I played last night after Huntr hit 62. MAN!! It’s addictive. I moved up through the first 3 levels pretty fast, and now I’m at level 7 with a bunch of duels sitting in the queue for others to log in and play me.

I created Gitr (of course) and at level 5 made him a sword-specialized warrior. It took me a few duels and skirmishes to figure out the reward system since I don’t like to read documentation outside of my job. It was pretty quick and intuitive, though. The game includes quests, equipable gear, talents, XP, gold, tokens, and item drops when you buy bags. I’ve lucked out on a few item drops already that you can even sell on the market higher than vendor trashing price.

It’s a great time-waster, and I strongly advocate it for those with boring jobs that just require you to sit at your desk all day and answer the phone when it rings. I wasted almost 2 hours after midnight feeding my new addiction. Get it here, you won’t be sorry.

Ding 61; Already Ran Hellfire Ramparts

I’ll roll this all into one for you today. I get to pick up my first pair of new glasses in 7 years today. I’m done with contacts for now – pretty much only for outdoor activities where glasses will be a nuisance.

Watchkeeper Gargolmar Is DeadI got Huntr into Hellfire Ramparts Sunday night. I’ve added a paladin a level or two above me to my Friends list because he’s always going when I’m in the queue. We ended up with a 64 hunter, 63 paladin, 63 rogue, and a 70 shaman to tank. Our only death was when the paladin pulled one of the guys leading up to the spiral ramp when we were sneaking by after downing Watchkeeper Gargolmar. We ended up taking on 7 at one time, but came out okay with no healer after 30 seconds. 🙂 TWO Beastmasters FTW!

Omor the Unscarred, Scarred

I was so excited when the last boss fell, I forgot to take screenshots because they both went down sooo easily compared to the others and from my past experiences in Ramparts. Hunter is sooo much fun.

Gauntlets of PurificationI dinged 61 Monday morning before work. It opened up a bunch of new questgivers that had gray exclamation marks over their heads. Last night I blasted through about 20 quests and got another blue drop: Gauntlets of Purification. I debated amongst my toons and decided to not hold on to them until Paladr hits 61. I’m cashing out on them now while the getting is good. That’s two rare drops in one week.

What have you been up to on your realms? It’s a good time to catch up on your toons around the world. Feel free to post your Armory links and latest blog posts in the comments and we’ll have a big free-for-all sharing session about what’s the latest with the Gitr readers.

Ding 55; Winterspring or WP/EP?

Huntr dinged 55 last night in Winterspring looking for my second Pristine Yeti Horn to drop. It finally did as I hit 8.7% of the way through the level. He did it in 5d 17h 9m /played time. Now I just can’t decide where I want to quest for the next level, because going between the 2 continents sucks. I just hit Honored with Everlook, giving me straight Honored with the Steamweedle Cartel.

My goals before Outlands at 58:

  • Get Fishing to 300.
  • Get Herbalism up to 300.

That’s it. Small goals, but very annoying to do. Fishing is at 207, I think, and Peacebloom is still a green when I find it. I think Huntr is at 72 Herbalism.

What are your alts’ goals before Outlands?