Ding 300 Cooking

Cooking Skill boxMy first toon to 300 Cooking EVER! I finally found a fishing hole that gave up 12 Raw Sunscale Salmon in a few minutes… in Felwood. It wasn’t a huge fishing accomplishment until I realized that Sunscale Salmon were on my list of cookable fish. The 2 lures I went through got me 5 Electric Eels, 4 Blackmouth, 12 Salmon, and some potions.

After I had enough to almost guarantee hitting 300, I ran up the hill to the campfire and started cooking away.

Skill = 300

This was only possible through Fishing, which accounted for the last 25 points of skill for items that were just not available on the AH on Velen. That made the Fishing effort worth it. I ended the night early with 192 Fishing, I believe. Now I’m off to kill Timbermaw enemies to get through the pass a little easier to get the Owlbeasts. I ran it successfully once, but I’m too lazy to run back from the Irontree area to the flight point and fly to Winterspring. Rep is good anyway. I’m only a few kills or one quest away from Unfriendly.

Tree in Felwood

I got all of my Blood Ambers up North and logged while killing the last of the Grizzlies that I needed and just got too tired to go on. Long, satisfying days at the office will do that to you.

Huntr at 53 in combat

Ding 53; Can’t Stop Fishing

Well, I’ve taken quite a break on leveling lately. I just couldn’t get into the “grind” of questing this week. I’ve been too busy cooking and fishing. I have been looking at Nat Pagel’s fishing rod in my bags for weeks and finally got fed up with my cooking skills to the point where I did something about it.

I’ve got my Cooking up to 285 and my Fishing up to 162. I can fish up in NE Ashzara with the right lures, so that’s cool to be able to fish where I can kill things for XP.

This morning I dinged 53 with 5d 3h 6m /played time and put my third point in MM with 3/5 Lethal Shots (thanks Excaliber).

Fishing on a boat

I’m going to log in now and see about catching some rare fish for the STV Fishing Extravaganza, even though I’m not high enough skill to turn in the reward for winning. I’ll put up pictures later.

Class is out until the 28th when I take on two English courses (Technical Writing and Modern Novel) to round out my very full life. I’m waiting very impatiently for my grade to post from Thursday’s final class.

Huntr Is Cooking Things Up

Hunter started two new hobbies on Saturday: Fishing and Cooking. He already had cooking up around 140, but that was purely from stuff that dropped with recipes on hand. Saturday I went after Cooking with a vengeance.

I started out with some recipes that took Tangy Clam Meat. Unfortunately, those are most often dropped by Giant Clams, which were really hard to find, except for some of the meat in the AH. After giving up looking for more meat, I started pursuing recipes using the databases. I looked up all the recipes for stuff between 150 and 225 to get me to the Artisan Cook in Gadgetzan.

I found recipes in Grom’Gol, Hammerfall, and Booty Bay that got me enough variety to scrounge up enough meat to cook up goodies. I used Tiger Meat, Raptor Flesh, Mystery Meat, and lots of eggs of various kinds. I finally got to 225 Cooking and finished the artisan quest.

On the fishing side, I hit level 50 in Thunder Bluff and Ratchet. I think I’ll stand on the docks at Ratchet unless I find some other 50-100 place that lets me catch debris or more valuable fish. That will take some research unless one of you knows better already.

My goal was to take a break from Un’Goro and level up those skills so I can take them into Outlands and not waste all of that money-making opportunity. Alchemy comes next, though I don’t know if I have the hootspah to level up Herbalism on Hunter. Gitr got up to 300, and that was rough. It sure is raw money, though.

What did you do this weekend?

Ding 24; Nice New Armor

I dinged 24 last night after completing [tag]Forrest Magic[/tag] and picking up the seeds in  Stonetalon Peak. I tried 4 times to kill [tag]Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle[/tag], but I didn’t have the healing potion to take him down. I’ve never seen him where he was and he had one of the guys that spawns a robot. It was all in the mechanics and strategy…I was playing stupid and with a nearly broken left hand.

Irritated, I ran off and turned in what I had completed, hearthed, flew to TB to get some nice armor and a nice, shiny 18dps blue mace for 7g. I also hooked him up with some more Hulking armor pieces, although my boots and gloves are already better than that set, I went for the shoulder and chest pieces. My leggings look totally…um…flamboyant, shall we say. I can’t wait to get some good pally gear that covers me up again. I went 3 levels refusing to get one set piece that looks like a loincloth and 2 mudflaps.

[tag]Beazel’s Basher[/tag]
Binds when equipped
Main-Hand Mace
32 – 60 Damage Speed 2.50
(18.4 damage per second)
+6 Strength
+2 Spirit
Requires Level 24

[Read more…]

Ding 23; Getting Forest Magic

I dinged 23 with Paladr last night and headed back to Stonetalon Mountains on my normal track using [tag]Joana’s Horde Guide[/tag]. It got my XP rolling again, so I’m happy that I’m still able to level like I should, though I’m thoroughly enjoying playing a healing tank. I’ve got my polearm skill maxed now and working on getting my 1H skills up again to use with my new shield. I’ve updated my profile, but I woke up late this morning and didn’t write down any of my new gear.

My happiest moment of the evening was right before I logged when I was mindlessly fighting Coursers (deer) on my way to Stonetalon Peak for a bunch of quests. First, a new Blue pike dropped off of one (sorry, check my bags for the name). It should sell for about 9g, putting me at 40g already. We discussed how many Blues have dropped. I said I’ve had about 6 drop so far with Paladr. I was mistaken, but it’s been 5 between Huntr and Paladr. I have such a hard time separating stuff like that, but at least I can separate what happens on which realms. 🙂

My second best moment last night was finally getting rid of those annoying buff bar/timers that are always appearing above my head, right over my target, when I engage them. It’s a mod called Chronometer, described as: timer bars for Skills, HoTs, DoTs and more. I HATE it. Well, at least I did before I knew what it was called to attempt to move it. I kind of do like its information, so maybe I’ll re-enable it tonight and move it below me.