Introducing Paladr, Level 10… Beating Joana’s Time

Paladr, Blood Elf PaladinI created [tag]Paladr[/tag] earlier last week and finally took him for a spin last night, trying to catch up with [tag]Mindkiller[/tag]’s and [tag]Snowstormer[/tag]’s new hunter alts, [tag]Jolygreen[/tag] and [tag]Shurshot[/tag]. They were level 10 when I logged in last night. They were 11 this morning, and I almost caught up to them. Paladr is at 2h 24m to level 10. YES!! Nearly 1 hour ahead of [tag]Huntr[/tag]!! Not only that, but it is faster than Joana’s own best time in his guide. He hit 10 at 2h 32m. Buy [tag]Joana’s Horde Guide[/tag] if you want to level alts like this. I’ve got them all memorized up through level 10 now, so it goes really, really fast. I died once…stupid, but other than that, it’s been smooth sailing.

I took on [tag]Jewelcrafting[/tag] and [tag]Blacksmithing[/tag] for professions, which will both be expensive, so I dove back into the AH with both of the bank alts. I have Butterbanker and Bankr working hard. Bankr is over 1g now, and Butterbanker should have up around 10g for the guild when everything sells. I’ve enabled money, bags, and inventory on all of my toons in my [tag]RPG Outfitter[/tag] profiles. I haven’t added the link for Paladr or the bank toons yet, but you can get to them by changing the name in the address bar when you click Huntr. I downloaded GuildProfiler again this morning, but didn’t get it installed to export our new [tag]Buttered Monkeys[/tag].

Deadr: Master Enchanter

I made my way to Moonglade last night and picked up the cloak enchant that I needed for efficient leveling to 300. I got back to Silvermoon AH to buy mats as needed and dropped a bucketload of gold on my Runed Arcanite Rod and got to 300.

Runed Arcanite Rod costs

From there, I hearthed to Shattrath City this morning and went to meet my friendly neighborhood Grand Master Enchanter. Because I chose Aldor allegiance, I couldn’t stay in SC like everyone else that does their enchanting research before choosing. I hopped on a windrider and flew to Thrallmar.

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More Enchanting Down; 295

I bought more weapons and armor last night and got Deadr’s Enchanting up to 295. He needs to get the mats to make a Runed Arcanite Rod (ouch) and get the recipe for Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense. The guide I have says to see Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade, but I suspect I need to go elsewhere to get that for Deadr. She is listed as Neutral, though.

That will cost me 8 Illusion Dust per point, and it goes yellow at 305. I’ll be jumping for joy to get things going for enchanting stuff in Outlands and using those cool rep recipes. Now to work on my reps. Doh!

Changes to Professions Coming

I just read on that changes are coming for professions. After reading all of that, the only change I may make to my professions is to actually fish now. I know, I know, it’s a great money-maker, but I just can’t stay awake after 8pm sending out a lure, wait 30 seconds while intently trained on the bobber, and then clicking it IF it moves. While 20 seconds isn’t short, it’s a lot shorter.

Are you going to make any changes/switches in your professions because of the upcoming changes?

Golden Success with Professions

I finally got off my writer’s block and came up with something to get some conversations going. Lemme rev up my morning engine and see what comes out.

Yesterday I logged in after work, but before the evening rush and noticed about 30 stacks of Netherweave Cloth for under 5g each. I snagged them all. Yeah, 150g in cloth. I checked the current price of Netherweave bags and saw 6 up for 16g each, which is about 4-6g too much.

I pounced on the opportunity of the low cloth price and the high bag price and churned out 20 bags and 2 Primal Mooncloth. [Read more…]