Frostr is an Herbalism/Jewelcrafter

I didn’t do much last night except single quests with my Belfs. I had sent back my enchanted 2H axe back to Bloodr only to discover that she didn’t have a lick of skill with it. When I landed in Camp Turajo on my way to the excavation site to retrieve the Tear of the Moons for Feegly the Exiled, I started killing everything along the way with melee. I used wingclip to power-level and got it up to 125/150 by the time I got to Bael’dun.

I kid you not, I pulled the entire right side of the building all the way down to the man himself, General Twinbraid. I took a screenshot and forgot that I had his morning. There is a pile of bodies at the top of the stairs in his chamber that all fell in one gigantic pull. I had to pop one healing potion, but it was all Humar, bow, axe, and healing Humar. I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow in this post, I suppose. I killed the one remaining straggler, /laugh, and got the Tear, turned in, and logged in Frostr.

Mindkiller started a new Belf mage, too, so we ran for a while around the Academy [Read more…]

Enchanting Edging Closer to 300

I made enough money off bags and essences yesterday that I went on a Dream Dust DEing spree last night. I was getting armor for under 2g 50s each for 1-5 Dream Dust. I managed to get enough dust to get me to 292 this morning.

Tonight I will go for enough Illusion Dust and Small Brilliant Shards to use my new Enchant Chest – Major Health enchant to get to 300. Thankfully it doesn’t require the Runed Arcanite Rod because the Arcanite Rod costs over 95g on Burning Legion. There were only 2 posted last night, so I’ll bide my time until it’s absolutely necessary.

It’s probably not going to be too difficult to get Bloodr to 28 in Ashenvale by hunting for Satyr Horns, because their drop rate is pitiful. I’m not sure it will happen tonight because of getting home late from work and watching TV later, but it will be very soon.

Ding 24; Caught Back up From Enchanting Spending

I hit 24 this morning hunting cats and cloud serpents behind Freewind Post. It didnt’ take more than 20 minutes. I spent my talent point in Beast Mastery again. I took some pretty good screenshots, but forgot to upload them for processing. It will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry. 🙂

I came home to over 270g in my Inbox from AH sales. I was fairly certain that it would be a big repost day because of the server maintenance, but apparently everyone went to buy bags and enchanting supplies when the servers came back online.

The price of cloth prevented me from making more than 9 bags last night, so sales should cool off a tad bit, but I got some really good deals on greens that I DE’d for nice profits.

Ding 23; Deadr Hits 279 Enchanting

It’s been a very expensive week so far. I’ve earned over 2,300g and spent 2,280 of it on more mats and leveling my enchanting. I am at the point now that I’m DEing armor for Dream Dust for 10 dust per shield enchant and selling all of the Greater Nether Essences that come off them and the here and there weapon purchase. They sell for nearly 14g per pair when they drop 2 at a time off a weapon. I sold about 15 bags over the weekend, but this morning, cloth prices were obscene, so I skipped that.

Astranon finally joins the guild.
Bloodr had some help from Sunforge last night in Thousand Needles to kill Snapjaw. I got the quest in Thunder Bluff when I was turning in a “go over yonder and speak to so-and-so quest” last week. We took him down and I logged for the night. I turned in the quest (a level 30, red one at that) and got to 94%xp. Shoooot. I flew back to Thousand Needles to kill some centaurs and found them to give me over 1% per kill. I wish it was always that easy. I dinged, took the elevator back up Freewind Post, re-stocked my arrows, got the centaur kill quest, and logged for work.

I think I’ll play her some more tonight, maybe get to 24.

Enchanting Is Almost Complete

I dropped almost 400 gold on enchanting yesterday and got up to 265. The economy that is so nice for making money on the AH is very bad for trying to level a profession in one day. The dusts and essences were so expensive, I had to play a crap shoot with items, with only Enchantrix to help. I got some nice suprises along the way (like a 15g shard in a 2g weapon), but it was a lot of wasted money. I ended up posting a lot of mats back up to sell off to recoup my costs.

Getting to 300 is not going to be cheap. Large Brilliant Shards are 15-17g each, Dream dust is 24g per stack, and Illusion Dust is 38g per stack, of which I will need 9-12 stacks. On a happy note, I was able to DE my Outlands gear for 20 Arcane Dusts (my original intent on switching professions) and sold them for a cheap 20g. I could have made more, but I wanted to get some money back.

For anyone left wondering after a bunch of run-around on the WoW database sites, if you chose Aldor as your Shattrath City faction, you still HAVE to go to Uldaman to get Artisan Enchanting, but you only need to use her up to 250, then you can leave and finish leveling using other recipes from the cities.